On paper, these two are specifically designed to entice photo enthusiasts thanks to the sensors they’re packing along for the ride, but when it comes down to it, we find the iPhone 4S coming out on top. Essentially, we find it more preferable thanks to its sharper details, natural looking color reproduction, and the fact that it handles exposure significantly better. No doubt that the two can capture some pleasant looking scenery and macro shots, but it’s the iPhone 4S that handles low lighting situations better, since the Nokia Lumia 900’s shots are extremely noisy looking. However, the LED flashes on both are effective in properly brightening up the environment.

Despite finding 720p video recording on the Nokia Lumia 900, versus 1080p on the iPhone 4S, we find their qualities to be more than acceptable, though, the iPhone 4S delivers the slightly better results again. However, we like it that the Lumia 900 offers continuous auto-focus, as opposed to touch focus on the iPhone 4S, but it simply takes its sweet time adjusting its focus. In the end, the iPhone 4S wins for its sharper visuals and balanced color tones – whereas on the Lumia 900, it has a noticeable bluish hue to its color reproduction.

Nokia Lumia 900 Sample Video:

Apple iPhone 4S Sample Video:


Finding ourselves immersed with their spiffy music players, we absolutely love the all-encompassing experience we’re given when it comes to listening to music. On one hand, we like the Zune experience on the Lumia 900 since it makes good use of the Metro UI, while the iPhone 4S has its own eye candy in form of its familiar coverflow mode. Visuals aside, their audio qualities are similar to one another, as they emit powerful tones through their speakers, though, a hint of strain is evident at the loudest volume setting on both devices.

Primarily due to its larger sized display and saturated color production, the Nokia Lumia 900 seems to be the optimum handset for watching videos. Still, both are pleasant to watch, but the wow factor is undoubtedly on the Lumia 900’s side.

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