The camera of the Nokia Lumia 720 is pretty weird. It's neither 5MP, nor 8MP. It's a 6.7MP shooter with an LED flash. The Windows Phone 8 camera interface takes the middle ground between the simplicity of something like iOS, and the richness of Android, for example. What this means is that there are standard settings like ISO, exposure and white balance, but don't expect anything too fancy. Of course, that could be a good or a bad thing, depending on the type of user that you are.

At first, we were pleasantly surprised by the lush colors and decent sharpness visible in the Lumia 720's photos. It was then that we noticed the crazy amount of noise in the sky, and keep in mind that the images were taken in a beautiful spring day, without a single cloud in the sky. Obviously, the 720's camera is far from perfect, but we do enjoy the photos it captures, as they have good contrast, nicely-saturated colors and decent amount of detail. Sure, there's quite a bit of noise, but that's not a deal-breaker in our opinion.

As we said, Nokia had to cut some corners, and one of them is related to the camcorder functionality, as the Lumia 720 can only record 720p video. Generally, the recorded video is OK, once again treating us to jolly colors, nice contrast and so on, though it's not the sharpest one, as you can imagine.

Nokia Lumia 720 Sample Video:

Nokia Lumia 720 Indoor Sample Video:


The Lumia 720 is not the ideal phone to watch movies on, but it gets the job done. With a 4.3” WVGA display, the watching experience is by no means bad, but you might want to look for something with a bit more resolution (and size), if you plan on watching a lot of stuff.

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the loudspeaker that the 720 is equipped with. Although it's covered by just a single, small grill on the back side, it's actually very loud, and remarkably clean, if listened to on a moderate volume setting.

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