Call Quality

We’re not particularly wowed by either device when it comes to call quality. And why’s that? Well, it’s just rather strange that the two devices have very weak sounding earpieces – so weak that we’re forced to mash them closely to our ears just to hear our callers. It’s especially difficult to carry conversations in noisy environments.


Bigger screen means bigger battery, so it’s not a shocker here to find that the 1520 is stuffed with the larger battery. To be specific, it’s a 3400 mAh battery, which easily beats out the smaller 2000 mAh one inside of the 1020. Now there’s no comparison here, as we’re able to get roughly 1.5 days of heavy usage out of the 1520, which bests the 12 hours of juice put out by the 1020’s smaller sized battery.


When we think of Windows Phones, there’s only one single name that comes to mind in an instant – Nokia. As we’ve seen countless times, the Finnish company has seemingly propelled Microsoft’s platform time-after-time with its diverse set of Lumia smartphones. In this particular comparison, we continue to see their commitment in expanding the platform’s reach, as both the Lumia 1020 and 1520 are lovable devices that have earned a lot of adulation from consumers and critics.

Throughout it all, value is something that remains to be the driving force for everything. As we keep that in mind, it becomes obvious that the Lumia 1520 is the one to really capitalize on that front, seeing that right now it’s blessed with an impressive, yet super affordable on-contract price point of $99.99. Furthermore, it’s the first Windows Phone to be fitted with hardware befitting of a high-end device.

Although it’s most known for its impressive camera, the Lumia 1020 is harder to like at the moment due to its higher on-contract price point of $199.99, which is down from its initial $300 offering, but still not enough to outclass the 1520 for having the most bang for the buck. Throw in the fact that it’s packing hardware that’s regarded as dated at this point, it’s really hard to recommend the 1020 over the 1520 – though, if snapping photos is more your kind of thing, then it’s an obvious decision to side with the 1020. If not, you’re better off saving some money in the process and picking up the 1520 instead.

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