Call Quality:

Generally speaking, voices on both ends of the line have enough emphasis and clarity to make them audible to the ear. However, the weak output of the Lumia 1020’s earpiece makes it challenging under noisy conditions, which requires us to mash it closely to our ear for better results.


Even though they’re able to get us through a solid 8 hour work shift with no issues, it’s the iPhone 5 that’s able to produce the better longevity with its battery life. In fact, with our normal usage, we’re able to get through a single day with a full battery. In comparison, the Lumia 1020 becomes completely depleted around the 18 hour mark.

We measure battery life by running a custom web-script, designed to replicate the power consumption of typical real-life usage. All devices that go through the test have their displays set at 200-nit brightness.

hours Higher is better
Apple iPhone 5
4h 22 min (Poor)


Let’s take a quick look at pricing, since it’s always a major factor for any buying decision. From the onset, the Lumia 1020 is sporting a pricey $300 on-contract cost, which might be a concern for some people. Yes, it’s an expensive price point, but when you think about how it’s sporting 32GB of internal storage, it’s actually the same price as the 32GB iPhone 5. Well, you still can pick up the 16GB model for less at $200.

Besides cost, the second thing you need to ask yourself is whether or not photo quality is highest on your list. If that’s absolutely the case, then it’s a no-brainer decision to go with the Nokia Lumia 1020, as it’s undeniably the class leader in this particular space. However, the iPhone 5 still has that all-around appeal that we crave with a flagship device. Not only does it have a beautiful design and performs admirably in all areas, but iOS has that rich ecosystem that puts Windows Phone 8 to shame at the moment.



3. bubbadoes

Posts: 1225; Member since: May 03, 2012

Any logical person with cell phone knowledge reads all of Pa s phone reviews with a grsin of are all biased towards apple....prob all you have iphones from 07 to now which clouds your knowledge from the start

25. tashreef

Posts: 476; Member since: Nov 24, 2012

Biased towards Apple? i think that's changing lately, now it's Samsung "Any logical person with cell phone knowledge reads all of Pa s phone reviews with a grain of salt" Well said...

38. Shatter

Posts: 2036; Member since: May 29, 2013

All the Apple fanboys are switching to Samsung and making everyone who favors Samsung look like idiots.

45. Commentator

Posts: 3722; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

Interesting theory, but I think Samsung fanboys (and really all fanboys) are all cut from the same obnoxious cloth. Samsung fans just have the ammunition now, as did Apple fans from 2007-2011.

32. kabhijeet.16

Posts: 884; Member since: Dec 05, 2012

Thumbs Up

4. Johnnokia

Posts: 1158; Member since: May 27, 2012

Lumia 1020 wins in all aspects.. Viva Nokia.

7. MrKoles

Posts: 368; Member since: Jan 20, 2013

Well, no.

9. the_best

Posts: 139; Member since: Oct 14, 2012

Well John says that the lumia is better or equal in all except apps. But then at the end suddenly the only thing that speaks for the lumia is the camera, and how the iphone is a much better all around phone. If thats true why dont you prove that when you compare them John V?

15. jackhammeR

Posts: 1548; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

how is it better? Because it is APPLE?

30. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

One year old iP5 vs. L1020 isn't exactly a fair comparo. PA should have waited to do a more balanced review against the iP5S. There are plenty of more 'current' comparisons that can be done. GS IV is one that comes to mind. Moto Droid Ultra is another.

53. DFranch

Posts: 526; Member since: Apr 20, 2012

I think it's more a problem that Apple releases 1 phone a year. The IP5 still the newest phone they make, and it still costs $300 for the 32GB version. I'd say it is still fair to compare them. What are you supposed to stop comparing against the IP5 once it gets 4-6 months old?

6. itsdeepak4u2000

Posts: 3718; Member since: Nov 03, 2012

1020 is the king in Camera dept. but still I like iCrap's photos also.

10. StreetNerd

Posts: 870; Member since: Dec 08, 2010

we all know they are pro apple -_-

12. papss unregistered

I just got my l1020 last night.. Too soon to give my thoughts but the camera is amazing and l don't think its awkward to hold. John must have small sissy hands. I get cramps holding the tiny iPhone my wife has.

13. rassouli5 unregistered

Dude you're drunk!!!! You call iPhone 5 a beautiful DESIGN!!!! My parrot can design it better! It's just a longer iPhone 4! Apple doesn't even know what DESIGN is!!! Microsoft and Windows Phone rule and will rule the world forever! No one can compete with Microsoft's eco-system!

14. jackhammeR

Posts: 1548; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

Lumia has 225 adreno, not 220. Correct it, please.

16. Cesar

Posts: 140; Member since: Aug 16, 2012

iPhone 5 best for gaming and apps

17. TakashiDeo

Posts: 26; Member since: Jul 20, 2013

even Nokia's v.p is not satisfied with w.p apps growth lol atleast iphone is superior in terms of features and apps and does not lag too :D

19. boosook

Posts: 1442; Member since: Nov 19, 2012

PA, the Nokia 1020 are 5MP images and the iPhone 5 are 8MP images. So, if you want to make a fair comparison on sharpness, you should first downsample the 8mp shots from the iphone to 5mp. Or (even better) start from the 41mp raw image and downsample it to 8mp. PA is great for news, but comparisons and reviews are so superficial...

22. Nathan_ingx

Posts: 4769; Member since: Mar 07, 2012

iPhone cameras don't do downsampling, not just yet. It's just a down shift in resolution if they have to go from 8 megapixel to 5.

54. DFranch

Posts: 526; Member since: Apr 20, 2012

I disagree. you're comparing the output from both devices as they are produced. IP5 produces 8MP images, so use that to compare. 1020 takes a 38Mp image and shrinks it to 5Mp. Don't mess with the results produced by the camera. If you want to compare the original 38MP against the 8Mp of the IP5, that's fair as well. Though I've read that the 5MP image looks better than the 38MP.

26. UdhaiyaPrasanth

Posts: 76; Member since: Sep 05, 2012

My reaction after seeing, Picture no. 25: Is that Hogwarts? Picture no. 26: Nah! Its just an old entrance!

27. Nathan_ingx

Posts: 4769; Member since: Mar 07, 2012

And i thought Harry Potter-osis didn't exist.

28. deburocks

Posts: 126; Member since: Apr 20, 2013

if we exclude the apps and games that ios boasts of, then m really sorry but lumia is the clear winner. Better and bigger display then ios , refreshing windows o.s with nokia,s customised apps, malware free, hulk body, sexy and astounding design, available in different colors and so many other plus points( n m nt counting camera). Yeeh and i read p.a,s comparison of nokia vid other manufacturers vid a pinch of salt. Cos its always biased towards iphn and samsung......

29. Just.Me

Posts: 23; Member since: Apr 24, 2013

do i really need a 41Mp camera phone ?

33. jackhammeR

Posts: 1548; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

don't buy it. look somewhere else, problem solved,...and please..just read about this technology. it shouldn't damage your brain tissues

31. skyline88

Posts: 697; Member since: Jul 15, 2013

wow, the best Windows cameraphone vs. a toy-like outdated junk. can't even beat any Android flagships, and now trying to beat the best Windows flagship? go home iJunk, you're seriously drunk.

41. monkeytown

Posts: 125; Member since: Jul 26, 2012

lol, good stuff xD

35. Muzhhur

Posts: 261; Member since: Sep 14, 2012

high buitl quality made for both SP but i prefer the nokia specs and apple services

36. Samsungadroidrules

Posts: 104; Member since: Jul 28, 2013

Its funny how These Nokia Fandows Bash Samsung Innovative Phones (specially the S3-S4) and the iPhone. Hello, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 Samsung S3 and the Amazing Samsung S4 are the Top picked and advanced smart phones. Not only that Samsung and Apple are the top 2 companies battling for number 1 but they are just WAY WAY Better than any Nokiass Windows phone. Come on, Glory days of Nokiass has gone. And Samsung rules nowadays and for the next 20 years. Nokia? Oooops . i wonder what will happen to Nokia After 2 years from now, probably shut down. hahahaha

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