Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Apple iPhone 5

Nokia undoubtedly has an upward battle on its hands, as the company is still trying to reach the same pinnacle of its glory days. With the recent introduction of its flagship smartphone, the 41-megapixel PureView camera packing Nokia Lumia 1020, it seems to have a good chance at bringing down the mighty iPhone 5 to its knees. Although it might seem like an insurmountable task to achieve, especially when past Lumia smartphones failed to make a massive dent in the market to meet the level of its esteemed rivals, this one is arguably the best of the best that Nokia can deliver at the moment – even more when its camera alone is so far out there versus everything else.
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52. Boogieman

Posts: 33; Member since: Jun 02, 2013

Nah Apple and Samsung are not top picks. The just pay a lot more "roayalty"or whatever you would like to call it to review sites like those and has been doings so for quite some time. And since people read reviews and listen to (sammy+apple-bribed) sales people (who knows nothingabout nothing, they just sell what they NEED to sell) and they have read all thos BS reviews of course the money goes to Sammy or Apples pocket which gives them even more "royalty money" Nokia spends their money on devlopment, patents and their product (even if they wanted to do the same thing they dont have that kind of money after they messed upp in the early smartphone race staying with symbian) so if you want to pay for the product (Nokia) or "comercial"/"sellers pockets"(Samsung&iPhone) is up to You sir ;)

39. kushki

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Camera, build quality, hardware and ultra sensitive display are good on Lumia... iPhone wins in the rest of the departments because MS has given up on developing for Windows Phone OS... Lumias can be all around better phones only if MS can pick their game up...

47. -box-

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Just got back from the AT&T store to play with the Lumia 1020. Holy cow, is it great. Makes my Lumia 925 seem like an iPhail or Galagsy in comparison, except in thickness. It is about the same thickness (to my eye) as my Lumia 900 with its silicone case on it, that is. Wow wow wow wow wow! T-Mobile should really have tried to get this baby. I had to wait in an informal line to play with it and there were others waiting behind me! Although the signage was large, it wasn't attention-grabbing, sadly, and the phone was on the same wall as the door, so it wasn't immediately obvious where it was upon walking in, but being a smaller store, it wasn't hard to locate. did have a couple of items to use with the camera, notably a small model of folks with a hot air balloon, and a neat box with a spinner on top to mimic different times of day to demonstrate the phone's low-light photography mastery. Needless to say, it looked stunningly good, AND put my lovely Lumia 925 to shame. Seriously, you don't know how good it is until you try it.

55. erik.kubica

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I was always nokia fan started with 3510i, continued with 3210 classic, but when i got my first samsung GT-I5800 (Galaxy 3 [no S3]) have become android and samsung fan. then i bought used nokia n9 for 150€, its was super-amazing phone, its camera is amazing. Then my nokia started dieing, then i bought cheap Mediatek based android phone, but now i am going to buy that lumia. (I write this as Linux user, and developer, on PC i do not prefer Windows and Microsoft products) 1. Android phones is good for customizers. It less secure than iOS or WP (yes thats suprising from microsoft, but its true) 2. iOS (iphones/ipads/...) from apple is good for people who likes rock solid and stable OS, with elegant, fresh and very simple usage. And it very secure 3. WP is in some way also good choice for people who like to do little customization with keeping OS simplicity, its also elegant in its own way. In WP8.1 is lot of changes that make is more great. And its secure, everything is running in sandbox that makes nearly impossible to harm system or other apps, and it can run apps theoretically only from Store. Camera of iPhone 5/s/c and also other iphones, is designed like whole operating system, make awsome photo without any requriment to do configurations. Unlock, Start app, aim, shot. Nokia and microsoft is trying to do balance between simplicity and going pro. You can Push camera button, aim, shot and the Picture will be awesome. But you can also do many configurations to make even better photos (in case of 1020 or 808). Both phones is super awesome, both are designed for 2 types of people. Its like difference between chopper and sport motorcycle. Its two different worlds. This article is perfect because its comparing parameters and in some way the user experience. I dont feel from article that author is Apple or Nokia fan. and now let me take a selfie

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