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Nokia HS-26W Review

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After you get used to the specifics of the double earhook you will be able to hang it on your ear with one hand only and without great pains. Unfortunately, sometimes it will hang awry and then you have to pull it off and put it on again. Due to its large size and weight it is not very stable when you bend either, and this is clearly felt – the earpiece may even fall off from your ear. Although the earhook folds your ear comparatively well, it does not pinch and wearing it for short periods (20 minutes) does not cause negative feelings. After about an hour we did not feel bad but when we removed it our ears hurt on the inside where the clip holds.

Nokia HS-26W Review
Nokia HS-26W Review
Nokia HS-26W Review
Nokia HS-26W Review

Wearing HS-26w will certainly not earn you positive designer’s points. This is a big and plain-looking earpiece whose appearance betrays its low class.


This is another example of the fact that there is a reason for the cheap things to be cheap. Buying a low-budget earpiece you will not only become victims of cheap materials and ugly appearance, but unfortunately of the sound quality as well, which here is quite lower than the normal. Yet we are glad that some convenient things such as the hanging clip and the sound scroll button, which are standard for Nokia, are present in this low model, too.

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