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Nokia HS-26W Review

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Like the other Nokia handsets, HS-26W has no pairing mode – drop it and if there is no phone connected to it within its range, it will be detectable and you will be able to connect to it. Search for it from your phone menu and input 0000 to identify yourself. As a whole this saves you time but if you use several phones at the same time it might be a serious problem because you have to find out which one exactly it has connected to in order that you can disconnect and find it from another one. As always, it can be paired with several devices (8 in this particular case), but connected to one only.

Quite to standard, the multifunctional button performs various functions depending on the manner of pressing. In standby regime the double quick pressing will activate the voice commands and holding the button depressed will dial the last dialed number. In the case of incoming call pressing the button will reply and the fast double pressing will reject the call. The sound volume is controlled by the ringlet on the one side and pressing it inside to the middle will mute the microphone.

Talk Time - Nokia HS-26W Review

Talk Time

Range - Nokia HS-26W Review



We are completely disappointed with the HS-26W sound in both directions – it is very bad, indeed. The microphone is relatively away from the mouth but this is not a problem for most modern earpieces. However, here the sound is unclear and very weak. In noisy environment, what you say will be heard with great difficulty. You will not hear well either because the sound from the earpiece is weak and the voices sound sharply.

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