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Nokia E66 Review

Nokia E66

Posted: , posted by Ray S.


Nokia E66 Review
Nokia E66 Review

In this day and age technology is progressing every time you turn around, and user’s expectations are doing the same. Today, the touchscreen phones are in vogue, but tomorrow, mobile devices may be implanted in your neck or some of your teeth. As we said in the beginning, it’s no longer just about the functions of a phone, it’s also about its appearance. This tendency has made its way to the business users, and Nokia is trying to stay the course. They have really done a great job with the E66, combining a good-looking and solidly built design, rich functionality and a good PIM. Its operating speed is okay, compared to other Symbian phones, although there is a short transition between the menus that can create the illusion of a slowdown. The battery is also said to pack a lot of punch and according to the official specs (7.5 hours of talk time/264 hours of standby) you should not worry about whether it’s going to last through the whole busy day.
As a phone however, the E66 disappointed us a bit.  The sound is too loud on both sides of the line, being accompanied by some crackling as well. The voices also become very sharp at some moments. The problem can be resolved easily however by turning the volume down 2-3 steps, and that’s why we give it an average mark – 7.5, but as a whole we expected something more from a high-end business phone.


In the end, we’re pleased by the Nokia E66 and we like it, but we think that ladies would value it more than men would. To be honest, we prefer the E71, since it features a full QWERTY keyboard, which makes communication easier. Besides, it follows the same design philosophy and offers almost the same functionality. But this is, of course, our opinion and don’t forget that every person has different needs and taste.


  • Solid build and beautiful design
  • A very good display
  • Usable improvements of the interface


  • Sound quality during a call could be better
  • The bottom row of the keypad is unhandy to press
  • You have to pay an additional tax, in order to support Office 2007 documents
  • The camera is performing poorly and the barcode reader doesn’t work
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Nokia E66

Nokia E66

OS: Symbian 9.2
view full specs
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Display2.4 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (167 ppi) TFT
Camera3.2 megapixels
Single core, 369 MHz, ARM11 processor
0.1 GB RAM
Size4.23 x 1.95 x 0.54 inches
(107.5 x 49.5 x 13.6 mm)
4.27 oz  (121 g)
Battery1000 mAh, 7.5 hours talk time

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