Nokia E65 Review

Nokia E65 manages in preserving its functionality of an upmarket phone, including some applications, typical for the E-series, e.g. conference calls, files searching, files printing, etc., making it a small mobile computer, intended for work. Moreover, this functionality is combined with an elegant and contemporary slider design, made of materials that are nice to feel and to see
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1. sandeep unregistered

Great work by you all! I really appreciate the test on signal/reception strength that you people do. I live in an area that has below average reception. I have now resolved that unless you people give a 'go ahead' on the phone by recommending it for weak signal strength area, I wont buy a new phone. Many people go blindly with Nokia when it comes to signal strength. I own a Nokia 3230 and I have experienced missed calls and dropped calls with it. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.
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