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Applications stored on the phone started up at a decent speed as expected, however when stored on the memory card, they lagged slightly as they were loading. Once an application was open and running, there was very little lag time.

When we moved into a low signal area where most phones drop the signal all together, we still had enough of a signal to make a call. We tried to use the internet, but load times were very slow in the low coverage area.

Sound quality in general is very good. While on speaker phone, the volume was very loud and but had a slight echo. Using the phone without the speaker on sounded exceptionally clear, but you have to position the earpiece within a certain area near your ear to hear the other person. With a bluetooth headset connected, we experienced the same level of clarity as without the headset.

Battery life was much better than the rated talk times. We got about a full hour more than the rated time of 5.5 hours. The bluetooth was turned on the entire time and we had email set to check for new messages every 10 minutes, with moderate internet usage. Standby time lasted almost 13 days, with bluetooth and email on the same settings. During the standby time test we were moving through my area in both low and high coverage areas.


Overall this is a solid PDA. The voice quality and email functions are excellent, especially when combined in one device. It will work well to organize your life, while others will be impressed by the look of the device. If you are used to the Symbian OS, this is an excellent phone for you. If you are a first time user of Symbian, you may find it frustrating to learn a new OS. While it’s useful to view excel files, you can only make small changes on the device. Anything too complicated will leave you frustrated.

We would recommend this phone to anyone interested in a true all in one device.
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  • Large screen
  • Many options for Email applications
  • Excellent RF strength


  • Text messaging hesitates when opening or replying to messages
  • No touch screen
  • Lacks a camera
  • Slower processor than similar priced models

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