The Nokia E62 is a standard PDA form factor similar to the Blackberry 8700. At first, it felt rather large in the hand, but after a few days we were thankful for the size as it allowed for the oversized screen. If you plan to carry it in your pocket, don’t forget to lock the keys as we found keys were being pushed accidentally. We usually forget to lock the keypad, so an automatic locking feature would be welcome on the next version.

The display is large, even compared to most other PDA’s. Measuring at 2.8 inches diagonally with 320 x 240 pixel resolution and over 16 million color output, this display does not disappoint. During out tests we used it inside and outside in the sunlight and didn’t have a problem seeing it. The contrast and the backlight can be also adjusted if darker or lighter display is desired. Its only downside is that it is not touchable.

Using the keyboard was easier than most PDA’s that Cingular has out today, mainly because of the size of the keys as well as the space between them. You navigate through the menus using a joystick stationed directly below the screen in the middle of the device. Two soft keys can be reprogrammed for applications you would use frequently for quick launch. The remaining keys are made up of a call button, end button and power button. Side keys include volume controls and a voice record button on the left side of the device. We found the keys to be a bit stiff, but they responded well and we rarely pushed a key accidentally when typing.

Unique characteristics include a flashing LED light when you have a waiting email, using any of the available email programs including Blackberry Connect and Xpressmail.

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