The Nokia E6 runs Symbian Anna, the latest version of the OS. With an element of visual evolution over the generations, Symbian Anna adds some curved corners to icons, improves transitions and makes the device look more 2011 than its predecessor, the E5, which ran Symbian S60 v3. You can check out a full run down of the features found in Symbian Anna in our article on the subject. For now though, we'll be brief, highlighting the key interface elements.

The adoption of a touch screen makes interacting with the handset much more intuitive than with the E5, offering easy adding and changing of widgets as well as swiping between homescreens in the same way as found in Symbian^3. The traditional Symbian^3 interface has been given an overhaul in Anna, incorporating a brand new set of icons and improved browser. Under the hood, the Nokia E6 runs on a 680 MHz processor, enough to keep it ticking along, though with occasional stutters, you can definitely notice that lag affects the overall performance.

The contacts and messaging applications remain similar to those in previous editions of Symbian.

Despite cosmetic tweaks and a few noticeable performance improvements though, Symbian Anna is still a multi-tiered, process laden mission. The menus and notifications are convoluted, the widgets and homescreen shortcuts lack customizability and even the aesthetic feels tired despite the visual revamp. With suggestions circulating round the blogoshpere that the next iteration of Symbian will be bringing something markedly different to the table, unfortunately, until then, the OS remains a somewhat uncompetitive contender in a marketplace of rich operating systems.

Camera and Multimedia:

The Nokia E6 comes with an 8-megapixel fixed-focus camera with dual-LED flash. You can access it through the applications folder or through a shortcut on your homescreen. As with the X7, it is extremely fast, however the reason for this speed lies in the camera's biggest drawback, the lack of auto-focus. This therefore means no macro shots, with anything closer than 20 inches appearing blurry.

Overall, we find the quality of the image stills on the Nokia E6 to be average - decently detailed and moderately sharpened, but colors seem washed out and in most (if not all) we ended up with under-contrasted images. When it comes to the camera interface, you're treated with plenty of options including scene modes, face detection, self-timer and color tones. You can even set the white balance and ISO light sensitivity, as well as the contrast and sharpness of pictures. There is a 2X digital zoom on board as well as a front facing camera.

The 680MHz processor allows recordings of up to 720p HD videos running at 25fps. The sample footage we recorded had the same issues with washed out colors as in the stills, but it's the skipped frames that bothered us more. Switching to the video recorder, you end up with a similar alas shorter set of options, but it's the quality of the footage that matters the most. If you don't set the bar too high, the Nokia E6 offers average video quality at best.

Nokia E6 Sample Video:

Despite not being marketed as a multimedia phone as such, the Nokia E6 contains the same image and video editing tools found on the X7 and N8. For stills, you can crop, rotate, add frames, text and some basic effects, while for videos you can stack up a couple of clips and add transitions and music.

The music application hasn't changed much in Symbian Anna, and along with standard file support, the handset also comes with Stereo FM radio with RDS.

The built-in movie application plays back MPEG-4 and DivX/Xvid encoded files out of the box, so despite the screen size being less than ideal for movies, with its great resolution, the quality and experience is very good indeed. We managed to run files encoded at up to 720p smoothly. Combined with its support for microSD cards of up to 32GB, for short movies and episodes, The Nokia E6 delivers a surprisingly capable offering.



63. sgtchill

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 13, 2012

From nokia c3-01 to Iphone 4s and landed to Nokia E6. I love this phone, this phone meets my needs. I use this phone for bussiness use. Built quality is solid. I usually receive massive txt messege and calls everyday, Great battery life!!! nice QWERTY keyboard. I do not use this phone for browsing internet and playing games i'd rather use my ipad, Bigger screen is better. On my iphone 4s i experience low battery, i gave it to my wife. Both phones are Excellent depends to your requirements =) for me Nokia E6 10/10

61. dcmaxim unregistered

defective phone, poor nokia care repair. my phone has been sent to company for 7 days. fourth visit to nokia after its purchase.

60. xyz unregistered

I have nokia 2690 currently. I Want to buy a high end phone. Should I buy Nokia E5 or Nokia E6 or Blackberry 9300 or Samsung Galaxy fit??? Pls do reply

59. Camdat unregistered

Thanks all. I am upgrading from my e71 later this year and I did not know where to go, but now its a clear path. Its gotta be an E6. All the comments positive and negative worked brilliantly to help me decide. Cheers. Simon (Australia)

54. kin unregistered

I've only played around it for 30 mins trying to configure this phone for someone, but my current impression of this phone is quite bad. I've save you the details, but just try out the phone for a while before any of you choose to buy it. I would very much prefer the Nokia E5 to this. Solid phone that one.

51. Roberto unregistered

I have the E6-00. I am a business man Two days i litterally throw away my crappy iphone4 , tired to have in the hands a phone that DOESN'T MAKE THE PHONE. the e6 is what I need. Run well,also with symbyan Anna . Who cares about 1,5 ghz in my ear, only a monster of stupidity like Android need that power. Sorry for you all, but I go back to Nokia. They make the best phones, you have just to accept this.

50. wap unregistered

From the standpoint of communications(voice, text, data), the newest Nokia phones are in class by themselves -- no matter how one holds them. *:-) The E6 will literally work in every country on the planet the currently has mobile service(I verified against ITU data); Nokia is the only company that can make that claim, with not just one, but at least half-a-dozen Shipping models.

49. KingK unregistered

sounds like there's some angry europeans in here. lol Just let Nokia and symbian die, it's best for everyone. Phone was great 5 years ago.

53. nokiafans unregistered

Or Indians...

46. ME unregistered

" 1500 mAh battery providing you with an above average talk time of up to 14.8 hours of talk time " What you you mean by an above Average talk time.? How much talk time does your mobile provide you.? Name a mobile(other than Nokia) that gives you a talk time of 15+ hours.? Don't be so stupid in mentioning the specs........

45. FoneAddict

Posts: 263; Member since: Jul 05, 2011

This review must be some bad Aprils fools joke?! A score of 5.5 for a phone that checks all these boxes: Quality "Retina" screen - Check Supreme Build Quality - Check Excellent battery life - Check Life time Nokia Maps - Check Gorilla glass display - Check Full spectrum Network support - Check Superior RF Reception - Check Legendary E-Series Reliability - Check And they end up giving a pathetic 5.5 for the simple reason it runs Symbian. I expected more from Phone Arena, not this mindless Symbian bashing which seems to be in fashion like on Engadget. PA must understand not everyone wants a 4.5" screen monster that needs charging every 8 hours.

56. abcz unregistered

You forgot this poinst : - the maps can be viewed offline, good when going areas with poor internet service. If using Blackberry, by the time we can get internet line, already overshot the destination, lol. - USB on the go can be upgraded to Symbian Belle end of year Android & Iphone arent really its competitors anyway since they mostly produce full touchsreen. It's between Nokia & BB for the qwerty

44. jk unregistered

To the reviewer: Funny how the Galaxy Pro seemed to have "outperformed" the E6 by 1 point just because of the OS. ROFLMAO. And comparing a business-oriented phone to SNS phones is just ludicrous. If you are going to compare the E-series handsets of Nokia, try targeting Blackberry or the E6's predecessors. Try giving a businessman an HTC Cha Cha or a Samsung Galaxy Pro and let's see if they won't pull their hairs out from sheer frustration (lack of business productivity tools; and don't tell me you can get these via the AM when phones like BB and the E-series have them on the get-go). Seriously, it's like you're trying to sell a business phone to kids. Or maybe that's what you're really aiming at? In that case, better read real reviews, at the very least they know who the target audience is of what they're reviewing. I'll give this review a 2/10.

42. Sampan unregistered

Looks like this review came from a retarded iPhone user

41. m3 unregistered

If you read the text you would expect a minimum rating of 7.5/10 when the only actual flaw is the browser (but you can easily replace it with Opera). As a business device the E6 seems to be by far the best at the momen,t at least in this form factor. I have the excellent E71 and this seems to be the first worthy successor (E72 and E5 were not big improvements over E71).

40. weirdfisher

Posts: 51; Member since: Mar 31, 2011

this phone should get at least a 6.5 But yes the specs are quite low end, even with the gpu Also anna is still laggy in terms of web browser. Opera mobile helps but no flash support I have an N8 and a Nexus S. I feel the huge difference of horse power. But the camera of Nexus S is really s**tty, even the symbian edof phones outperform

36. Vlad unregistered

Reviewer also forgot to mention the 3.5mm jack also serves as a TV out. If you've been traveling as much as I have, being able to put a whole xvid movie on to your phone, no conversion necessary, and play it on any TV(true, only in SD, but if you want 720p go for HDMI packin' E7). And you can do it with a generic 3.5mm to composite video RCA cable. No need for expensive stuff. Neither ChaCha nor Samsung can play XviD. BlackBerry can, most of the time. But does not have TV-out. Also, it can tether with USB and Bluetooth, and it comes with WiFi tethering app. I prefer Bluetooth as it consumes an order of magnitude less power to WiFi, and you're still cable free. Price is a bit steep, but it is built well. And for crying out loud, it has free, lifetime nav software that can be used offline, including turn-by-turn voice guided car navigation! I will never use Google maps while traveling because I do not want to pay data roaming charges. This phone review is not really that good.

28. Nrde unregistered

Ehm, ChaCha 7.5, Nokia E6 5.5 What is wrong with you people? E6, Symbian is not perfect but come on. It seems like the reviewer did not know E6 is meant for business, not pleasure (even though it handles pleasure as well as any Symbian 3 phone) So the question remains after this review, what is superb keyboard, superb screen, superb battery life, superb styling and business oriented software suite worth, when all that seems to matter is some stutter of the UI?

29. jimjam unregistered

They even thought the UI of the chacha wasn't smooth all the time! "UI runs smoothly for the most part. Admittedly, it force stopped a couple of times and generally feels less stable than we're used to Sense feeling"

27. Wim unregistered

First off, I completely agree with diogorva and croco. I recently bought the E6 and have been playing with it for a while now. What a great phone! Now fully customized to my own needs it is really a charm to work with. I really admire the screen (and the performance in direct sunlight) and the overall usefulness of the phone. Just 1 quick look at the display and you know what you're up to.

25. diogorva unregistered

I think there's only one major problem: PhoneArena missed the fact the E6 is a business phone. Yeah, Eseries means Business. No business man will use a HTC ChaCha and mostly will not use any Samsung phone even if it calls itself a "business phone". Both "alternatives" are unreliable and looks like a kid phone. Nokia E6 is more expensive, but it's also offer much better hardware (I'm not talking about the 120Ghz less of CPU power), just look at the camera specs, USB On-the-go, screen, build quality, even the pentaband 3G, you know what I mean. Also, saying that Android is a much better OS was a big mistake in that case. Android isn't made for this kind of phones, look at the Galaxy Pro for example, to make a call you need to go to the homescreen and press the call button on the screen, on the E6 you just need to start typing the number. On Galaxy Pro it's just a workaround. Also, PhoneArena should remember that most business man are used to BlackBerry and Nokia Eseries phones, and mostly, they are not dumb. They know how to use their phone and they know how to make is offer good usability. They don't need Android useless eye candy widgets or stuff like that. All in all, it was a pretty biased review.

24. Croco unregistered

I have used some days the E6. It is much better than any BlackBerry and without comparison to other competitors. The OS is very much improved in speed and the screen is absolutely gorgeous. This is a true successor of E71 and for business purposes is one of the best on the market. I suggest you try it first than believe the reviews. I read a lot of reviews and I decided not to form a strong opinion on what some bloggers are saying. As long as I get my money out of my pocket I want to try for myself before buying anything no matter what the reviews are telling

23. Sales guy unregistered

I must say that LOL. 5.5 points. :):) Try to keep talking whole day with mega super nice candy bars with 4.3" display like Android phones and when US government is knowing all the time where you are and what you have in your phone. This is the best piece of working tool in phones what market can give you. But these guys are only playing with phones like many other teenagers.

22. Antonio unregistered

What a dumb score, the only negative on this is the auto focus camera, but even that, the reviewer hasn't used a EDOF camera, the reason of the EDOF is that it takes pics faster just point and shoot and move on to whatever you needed to do. Who said that 1GHz CPU was the standard? Android has done that! the stupid OS requires a higher cpu to even run a simple task. So this phone it's not up to standards? LOL try getting a month worth of battery life on stand by with a charge using iOS or Android, while everyone is trying to charge their phone at the end of the day, this one just keeps going.

18. moise

Posts: 5; Member since: Jun 27, 2011

Hold up....all you people that are justifying this terrible review because of SOFTWARE. The Nokia E72 was given an 8.5 and that was a YEAR AGO. For me it wasn't even better than the E71...the one main feature was FP2. Now you have the E6 which has outdone even the E71 in build quality and the hack reviewer states that while Anna may not be up tyo snuff with other OS's is is a vast improvement. So explain how A YEAR AGO the E72 gets a 8.5 and the SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY E6 gets a 5.5 This website is a JOKE, the reveiwers are even a BIGGER JOKE. they have no credibility.

21. JB82 unregistered

Even more of a joke is saying this os is inferior and out of date when really the qwerty messenger scene has pretty much no other competitors other than blackberry. Symbian is more up to date than blackberry OS! Android OS on a qwerty is very new and isn't up to scratch yet. So how can an OS that has been proved to work well with the E63, E71, E72 and E73 be so out of date and yet android is supposed to be up to date when it has basically released its first half decent qwerty with the HTC chacha a month or so ago?

58. khurram87

Posts: 28; Member since: Sep 01, 2011

Dear this is because when E72 was released, there was no iPhone 4 or Galaxy S or Desire or Sensation or Chacha....time has changed :)

16. jb82 unregistered

It is sad to see the reviewer has no idea what he is talking about. He writes this as if he is comparing it to a 4" touchscreen android device. The reviewer is just following the symbian is dead bandwagon with no real thought. Symbian is outdated in terms of a full touchscreen phone OS and needed to go. But for a qwerty phone it provides a wonderful experience. I still own my E63 and will continue to do so for many more years if I don't upgrade to this. Recommending a samsung pro over this is ludicrous. The screen is awful and the OS is not really built to work on the screen size of a qwerty messenger. The chacha is also underpowered in every way compared to this ... lower battery life, less 3g bands, lower screen resolution, flash doesn't work properly in the browser, OS isn't great for the screen size etc etc. Give this phone justice and redo the review. The only real issue is the price.

19. moise

Posts: 5; Member since: Jun 27, 2011

RIGHT...the inferior E72 was given a 8.5. LOL the reviewer is a HACK

15. monstermash123 unregistered

Build quality of this phone is second to none, however, Phonearena hit the nail on the head with the outdated software. The OS is really frustrating to use because it's not efficient and frequently lags. You notice this much more so when you go back to using Symbian after using Android or BB OS, as I have for the past year or so. I had to go back to Symbian, twice, and was let down so much. I had a lot of hope after dropping $550 on a brand new n900, but, alas, Nokia didn't give much attention to Maemo, which has now evolved into MeeGo and is looking like a kick ass OS. I'm excited about the n950. Symbian should just be relegated to cheap, pay as you go phones. Putting Symbian on a device as amazingly built as the E6 is like giving a lamborghini to some spoiled, idiotic 16 year old who is obsesses with Fast and Furious films for his birthday. It's just plain wrong. I'm not saying that Symbian doesn't have a lot of features, it does, but every modern OS can match the features Symbian has AND it does it much more efficiently and reliably. Damn it, Nokia. I really wanted to love this phone.

* Some comments have been hidden, because they don't meet the discussions rules.

  • Display 2.5 inches
    480 x 640 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP (Single camera)
    0.3 MP VGA front
  • Hardware , 0.25GB RAM
  • Storage 8GB, microSDHC
  • Battery 1500 mAh
  • OS Symbian Belle

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