Nokia E52 Review

Performance and Conclusion:

We encountered something really interesting when we compared the speed of both devices. Both handsets sport identical hardware, including the 600MHz ARM11 CPUs, but the Nokia E52 runs noticeably slower alongside of the E55 with identical tasks. However, this doesn’t feel annoying and won´t get in the way.  In-call quality is better, but the loudness is lower. As a whole, the difference is not stunning and the phone performs satisfactorily. The battery is extremely robust once again, so we managed to achieve pretty similar results to what we experienced with the E55. We had to charge it at the end of the third day, despite the heavy use and serious Wi-Fi abuse we subjected it to.

All totaled up, it seems the Nokia E52 is as good as its cousin, the E55. The only noticeable difference between the two is the keyboard, but it´s the same blood that runs through their veins. Our final opinion is the E52 is definitely worth the money. Whether you opt for the E52 or would rather get the E55 depends on your keyboard preference. No matter the option you pick, you won´t regret your choice.

The software version of our unit is 021.010.

In this short review we have paid attention to the differences between the Nokia E52 and the Nokia E55. For further information regarding the software functionality of the phone, please read our full review of the Nokia E55.

Nokia E55 and Nokia E52 VideoReview:


  • Thinner than most other smartphones
  • The display is almost perfect and totally usable in direct sunlight
  • Extremely robust battery
  • Good music playback quality


  • No dedicated camera macro mode

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