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Е51 is a phone running on Symbian Operating System with S60 interface. To be precise, the exact version is Symbian 9.2 with S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1, which is the latest one used in a Nokia phone up to now. This means that the phone is almost absolutely identical to other using this OS/UI and the only changes are due to minor personalization of the OS.

The top part of the home screen displays a clock and the date, as well as the usual signal strength and battery, while the name of the carrier can be seen in the middle. Just below these is located a row of 6 shortcuts which can be personalized to suit you best. In the area for notifications (below), the E-series smartphone adds shortcuts to the email and the voice mail, in addition to the standard ones for calendar, etc. Located at the bottom of the screen are the two software buttons which can be personalized from the Settings menu. As a whole, the standby screen resembles one of a Pocket PC with Windows Mobile OS and is really useful and pleasant to use.

The main menu can be viewed as 3x4 grid of icons that can also be displayed as a list (it’s chosen directly from the main menu)
With the E 51 we will also encounter the new option (also present in N95 8GB), namely the availability of an animated mode of displaying the icons.


Еvery phone should have a good system for managing the contacts. The phonebook of Symbian S60 phones is one of the best on the market, together with those of Windows smartphones. All the contacts are displayed as a list and if there is a picture ID, it can be seen in the top left corner of the screen as a thumbnail with a very small size (it’s the same when you have an incoming call and that’s why we find this feature useless) when you select the contact. If you want to search, you type in directly from the keypad and searching is done for the whole name (not only the first word), even if the name is saved in more than one field (first and last name for example). If you want to edit a contact , you can only change the already defined fields. For adding more information you need to select the Add Detail menu. When adding a new contact you are provided with the “basic” fields, but with the “Add Detail” function you have almost no restrictions on the fields and their number and you can add a lot of phone numbers.

The phone has a set of voice commands – they are speaker independent and you don’t have to “train” every command, something that can save you a lot of precious time. By holding the voice commands key on the right side, the “recognizer” turns on and you can say a name (from the phonebook) to be dialed. Names like “Father”, “Brother”, “test”, “John” and “Neo” were no problem, but we had no success with others like “Amy” for example.

The commands can activate various programs or perform different functions, like “Silent mode” for example, but a list with different capabilities must be added to the menu - not all of them are added by default so that they’re easier to recognize with any speaker – thus by adding only the ones you need you can achieve best possible accuracy without the annoying training. Аnd it works, the voice commands were very accurate and we rarely experienced mistakes when launching applications.

A voice recorder can record your voice by the means of speakerphone as the duration of the recording is limited to 1 hour. You can record on the memory card, which will allow longer recording times. In that way the smartphone replaces your voice recorder without needing third party software.


The organizer is an important part of a business phone and E51 has paid due attention to these functions.

The Calendar has preserved the functionality of its Symbian fellows. You can add 4 types of entries (Meeting/Memo/Anniversary/To-do), to select Subject, Location,Start/End Time and connect an alarm.

Alarms are located in a third menu - Clock (in Office). In Symbian 9.2 you can add as many alarms as you wish and for each one you could choose whether it should repeat each and every day for example or not. This is excellent and there is no stupid limitation in the number of the alarms like with other even smart phones (i.e. Symbian 9.1 allows for only one alarm that even can not be set to repeat).

The World Clock is also located in this menu and you can add various cities that you like to view – that's very convenient and saves a lot of time compared to the standard way with “moving across the world map". You can easily review given cities, which you are interested in without searching them each time.

In the Office menu you will find other applications, part of the organizer. By the File manager you can view the phone memory and the memory card and copy/move files. Like other phones using this operating system, the calculator does not have scientific functions and the converter doesn’t have the most attractive interface but it works. Notes is for short notes without alarms and reminders.

Preloaded you have a QuickOffice to view Word/Excel/PowerPoint files, and to be able to edit them you will have to order a full version (Quickoffice v3 (activate editing) full license for EUR13.59 or 30-day license for EUR0.68 or Quickoffice Premier (v4 upgrade + editing) full license for EUR20.39). The inconvenience with Quickoffice is that it opens files saved only in the Documents folders of the memory of the phone and the card. Still, if you reach a file through the file browser and select it, it will be opened by the program. A complex Excel file is visualized OK and scrolling in it is easy, too.

Adobe PDF takes care for viewing of the pdf documents in your phone’s memory. Like with the office applications, we loaded a 50 pages document (and over 1 MB) and searched through it without any problems.

The office files are often received with the e-mails archived in series and that is why the phone is supplied with a ZIP manager, which can zip/unzip files.

The Search option allows you to search in your Messages/E-mails/Calendar events/To-dos/Notes/Contacts/Other files which is very convenient. Thus you can find contacts by (part of) a word, coinciding with their profession or company, files in the phone memory, etc. This is an excellent system which must be present in all smart (and not only) phones. Unfortunately, a shortcut to it is missing from the home screen, as it is in the new N-series phones (N81, N82, N95 8GB …).

As a phone of the E-series, E51 comes with several more extra applications, not available in the other Symbian S60 phones. Teams is an application which makes it easy for you to conduct a conference conversation/send a message or use PushToTalk with a preset group of people differentiated as Team.



1. cg unregistered

I was initially a little disappointed with battery life when using wifi - a number of people had same issue, flagged by a hot battery. Solution is to set wifi power down from 100mw to 10 or in my case 4 (connections/wifi/options/advanced settings). Absolutely superb result - now getting 3 to 4 days standby and sensible talk time. Hot battery has gone. It now meets every need I ever had from a phone.

2. gbenga unregistered

I bought the fone based on its rating on fone review sites. I think 6120 Classic is better except for WiFi connection. The cons I discovered are: Video call: No front-camera Camera: No flash Music Player: WMA not supported. supports only MP3/AAC. Ringtones: dull Speaker: at the back QuickOffice: View only Theme: few. Games: nil.. Messaging: cant use any number/email addy (to save or call) in in-coming message. Likewise cant insert any contact detail in outgoing message except you send as business card. Download site: doesn’t offer much Overall Rating: 3

3. Joe unregistered

> We should note here the inconvenient insertion of the SIM card > in its place. When pushing it, one’s finger will inevitably press hard directly > onto the battery connectors – a feeling that is definitely unpleasant. The battery connectors are not exactly razor sharp, so if you have to use so much force that it hurts your finger, there must be something wrong with the card or the connector. What could be slightly inconvenient is REMOVAL of the SIM card.

4. Soheil Chegini unregistered

My E51 suddenly stopped functioning; I turned it off before my flight and it did not turn on when I got to my destination. I lost all of my recently added notes, contacts and calendar events (I normally take a backup once a month) and you can imagine how bad it could be for the business. The worst part is that Nokia office in Iran refuses to repair the phone and says they are only offering services during the Warranty period! They even did not accept to repair the phone and charge me for it. Is there a way to retrieve my information?
  • Display 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.13 GB
  • Battery 1070 mAh(4.40h talk time)

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