Nokia Digital Pen SU-27W Review


Overall, the Nokia Digital Pen SU-27W offers quite a lot of options and we'll check most of them out.

First, in order to be able to digitally record your notes, you have to be writing on digital paper. Digital (interactive) paper has a dot pattern printed on it, used by the pen to store handwriting digitally. The ink absorbs infra red light transmitted from the digital pen; the pen contains a receiver which interprets the pattern of light reflected from the paper and stores the data. The dot pattern is a kind of two dimensional barcode. The complete pattern space is divided into various domains. These domains can be used to define paper types, or to indicate the paper's purpose (for example, memo formatting, personal planners, notebook paper, Post-it notes, et cetera). Digital paper should not be confused with electronic paper (e-paper), which is a display technology designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. (Reference: Wikipedia) When you have used up al the notepads from the set, you can buy new ones. You will not find such items on Nokia’s official site, so you will have to order them from other places. The larger online retailers, such as, usually offer sets of three Logitech notebooks (128 pages) size A4 between $13 and $19 .Unfortunately the A5 notepads are hard to find and and it can make you fret.

There are few interesting options offered by the Digital Pen. One of them lets you choose the font size and color from the Setting boxes section at the back of a supplied notepad, before you start writing. In order to change those, use the pen to tap the respective box, to confirm the selection the device vibrates briefly. Remember that the modifications made to the font, are not visible on the digital paper, but become visible, when uploaded to a mobile device or a PC.

Nokia recommends using the larger notepad for notes and the smaller one for messages.

After removing the cap, tap the new notepad box on the first page of the notepad and start writing or drawing. You should not be worried that the SU-27W is not connected to another device through the Bluetooth, because it records everything in its memory. It will get full some day and then the pen will start vibrating continuously.

To free up some space you will have to transfer and delete some information from the device. To do that you need to connect it to a computer, using the cradle or via Bluetooth. To use the second method the pen has to be in pairing mode, which is active for 2 minutes after removing the cap. In addition, you can activate it anytime you want by tapping on the Pairing box field, located on the last page of the notepad. You will still need to install the Logitech iO2 software, which is on the CD, included in the box. You will actually need the same program, in order to manage and edit your notes. The iO2 does a perfect job, recognizing even bad handwriting, so you shouldn’t worry if you write illegibly.

On the CD you will also find the software, necessary for your mobile device to accept and read data transferred from the pen. Unfortunately, the manufacturer only provides software supporting the Symbian S60 or S80 OS.

If the device stops working, even though fully charged, you will have to restart it. This is done, by removing the cap and pressing the reset button with a paper clip. You can continue your work afterwards. This action doesn’t clear the stored settings, including pairing information and the notes saved in the pen memory.

When the ink cartridge is empty you need to install a new one in place. To do that, you have to remove the cap and put the tip of the empty cartridge in the opening on the cap’s clip. After that tilt the cap slightly clockwise and pull the cap clip to take out the ink cartridge. Insert a new cartridge into the pen, and gently press its tip against the notepad supplied to secure it in place. The device comes with 3 extra cartridges, but if you need a refill you can buy one at a local office supply store or you can order some online,at the price of about 10$ per set of 3.



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