Nokia C7 Review

What do you get if you take a Nokia N8, give it a little more shine, a lot more curve, and monochrome it with a makeover? Well, you'd be left with something that looked much like the Nokia C7, a handsome contender for those of you who want a familiar Symbianˆ3 experience without the visual statement that is the N8...
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30. peejay unregistered

great phone,got mine last jan26,no problems at dream phone!best phone ever

32. Ash unregistered

Hey friends .can anyone tell about video playback of high res . Hd movies .i wanna know if this device hangs or not.

33. Neuron unregistered

does it have a scratch resistant glass like N8?

34. pal8311 unregistered

Nokia C7 is nice. but its camera result in low light are literally WORST. It giving vertical lines in pix taken in low light or with out flash. Can any one suggest what to do??????????

36. Dickhead unregistered

Well, I will hopefully be buying the New C7 very soon. Unfortunately Nokia is very reserved and modest in it's marketing. This means that you have to do thorough research into the capabilities of the C7. I phone's are for main stream moderate PC users. These new Nokia phones with it's revised and updated firmware, is.... for the more specialist PC users. The more advanced users of PC's shall we say. the Symbian 3 is far superior to I crap. Here is an example. I crap 4 needs as much ram/ghz resources as needed. And can only operate a few apps at a time. It's a bit like the equivalent to that of windows vista. Symbian 3 is so lite, yet so powerful with such a small resource. It can run numerous apps - sometimes as many as 10 at once superbly, and at the same time be used as a modem for my PC, and as a webcam for skype and I'm still able to use opera web browser with about 10 pages open at the same time also. And.... Have plugged into the TV too. I phone is I crap for this. This phone is an absolute power house. I may decide to buy a bluetooth mouse and keyboard for the phone soon also. - Why? Why? Why? Are people so blind, and cannot see the gimecky tacky I crap interface, and see how limited it is? Why?.... Because most people, mainstream (the majority) are blind to appreciate the secrets and how to get the most of what Symbian 3 can do... So blind..... Mind you people are beginning to realise this slowly, which just goes to show that apple has lost it's no.1 position to Android. - If people realise what Symbian 3 can do and how useful it actually is. It is scary once you realise the true power of this phone. If you know what it is capable of.................... I phone 4 is no where near as good but they know so they disguise it's self with skins upon the the software with all this fast looking scrolling as a mere distracted to the ugly iOS coding which is not fully open source and in fact is basically a heavy elephant of a program similar to that of Windows Vista. But they deceive you. Which is easy for the naive mainstream sheep out there....

37. tom unregistered

guyzz itz beter 4 me 2 buy c7????????i lke al itz features but ny problem????????/

38. Guji unregistered

Hey guys..its an awesome phone !! now with symbian anna...its a lot faster and hangs or lags now...a nice overall package-C7. I am buying it tomorrow. Go for it guys !!!!

39. RedFox unregistered

I really like C7 over all the other phones in the same price range . the only thing that I don't like is the camera but i'm not gonna pay 130$ more to get nokia N8 ( which is the price difference in my country ) because i can get a separate nice 12 or 14 megapixel digital camera with good optical zoom , video capture and a lot more with this price difference . plus it's not a bad camera at all but it will not get a good shots less than 50 cm . finally I'm not gonna get an android phone because the one that has almost the same identical features " plus the auto focus camera " is sonyericson neo but it's nearly twice the C7 price !!!! also samsung galaxy i9003 dose not have flash and the build quality is very bad and it looks creepy . so what I simply need is your opinion about the colors . the white c7 looks cool and very attractive but it may get a lot of dirt with time . the brown C7 looks good and practical but in the same time it's boring . I am gonna get my C7 by the next week so which color should i pick the white one or the brown one ? Thanks .

40. sarat unregistered

Excellent phone. I've been using it for few months and it fell from atleast 5 feet high on to concrete floor twice and no harm done to phone. You can't possible drop a samsung or htc and expect it to live? It has good Media Player plus you can watch 720p HD Movies and record HD Video And GPS is free and damn good with latest version. Accepted brower is sluggish. Use your brain and download opera and it works very well. Apps are less but for me apps concept is overrated. Yes the phone sometimes freezes. And so does your computer/laptop. It all depends on how much load you are keeping

41. melodypanget

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 09, 2012

got my nokia c7 for 5 months now and i find it OK except it hungs sumtimes for the most common cellpones ,the cam is great and mind u guyz i drooped my pone over the keyboard and it has crack but luckily it does not affect the performance...

42. madhu_516

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 04, 2012

hi, Never buy C7 phone.. I took the c7 and after 6 months it started to get handed and all of a sudden it stopped worked . I tired to restarted the phone but it did not get started. When checked with the nokia care and after trouble shooting it they said they need to pay 8,000/- to solve the issue..and said its the issue with the board. so think twice before buying c7.. Thanks
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