Nokia C6 Review

Interface and Phonebook:

There is not much to review regarding the Nokia C6-00's interface, considering it is the same Symbian S60 v5 version that we find in all of the company's touchscreen phones. Nokia used to say way back in the first iPhone days that they are not interested in producing touchscreen devices as its focus groups revealed customers didn't want them. Espoo was forced to rethink that position, and, for 20 months now, they have been making touchscreen phones with the old Symbian OS slightly retooled for being finger-friendly.

An interface walkthrough of S60 v5 can be found in our Nokia 5800 and N97 reviews. In the C6-00 we find the same homescreen with up to five widgets, which can be swept out of view with a stroke of the finger, same phonebook and the same calendar. The C6 is with the Nokia White theme as default, which makes things way more appealing than the gloomy dark theme found on the above-mentioned phones. Actually the interface looks like on all touchscreen Nokia handsets after their latest firmware updates gave them a tight integration with the Ovi ecosystem (Contacts, Maps, Store, Ovi Mail, Nokia Messaging). Still no smart dialing from the dialpad, though, you have to go through contacts search for that.

Honestly, if you set it right and know where to look for things, Symbian is a functional, but dated platform. The same 434MHz CPU that is in the Nokia 5800, the N97 and the N97 mini can also be found in the C6-00, with the same 128MB RAM. The handset is no speed racer with those specs, and what usually bothers us with Symbian are the icons and the other graphical elements that have been the same for years now, the slow opening of media files, the unnecessary confirmations, and the excessive options in the menus that no one really uses.


Text messaging is the same tried and true application you are used to, but for threaded view you have to download, nay, buy additional software, which is a bummer by any measure. Nokia Messaging takes care of the email accounts on the C6 - setting up all popular services is easy, but it can only download up to 250 messages from your account memory lane to the phone's inbox. Not a difference compared to the other Nokia touchscreen phones here.

As we mentioned before, for typing those many SMS's you are restricted solely to the physical keyboard in landscape mode, since there is no on-screen QWERTY. The slide-out keyboard is not that bad, but could use a chicklet-style button layout, which would greatly enhance typing speeds.


Plenty of useful software apps come included with the handset. QuickOffice and Adobe PDF take care of document viewing, but for editing you have to upgrade to the paid version. Dictionary, Converter, Zip and Active Notes round up the Office folder contents. Other worthy additions are Recorder, Podcasting, Traveler, Drawing, ScreenSnap and Shazam. Facebook and MySpace are taken care of in the form of widgets, and you can download a Twitter client off the store. When you quickly pull in a few indispensable free apps from Ovi Store like the flaky YouTube client, Skype, Qik or Fring, and Opera Mobile, the phone becomes a decent all-around package without having to shell out a dime on top of the handset price.

Internet and Connectivity:

The default browser has kinetic scrolling and double-tap-to-zoom, as well as support for Flash Lite, so it does visualize things true to their nature, but is somewhat slow due to the weak hardware. Flash Lite is not what it is cracked up to be here, although Nokia has been in bed with Adobe for a while now, boasting the ability over the Android 2.1/iOS 4 competition. It works great for ads and even some video, but complex Flash-based sites and interactive graphics like, say, the simple charts on Google Finance, choke it up.

For Internet connection the Nokia C6 uses its quad-band 3G radio, or the Wi-Fi chip. There is also stereo Bluetooth 2.0, and FM radio with RDS via the supplied headset. For PC connection you have to install Ovi Suite and connect the phone with the short microUSB cable, which doesn't charge the C6. That is the easiest way to sync or download countries and guidance voices for Ovi Maps.



1. Peter007 unregistered

6 out of 10 for that crappy phone??? Be serious...

2. uk786

Posts: 47; Member since: Dec 30, 2009

"We've seen much svelter Symbian handsets with slide-out keyboards – the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro, for example, or the Motorola MILESTONE." Since when was the Milestone a Symbian device?

3. ace1122

Posts: 237; Member since: Mar 23, 2009

That is one of the ugliest phones i've ever seen. Period.

5. Stevie Jobs unregistered

I know you are the fan of Apple, I phone. You can look the design of the I phone it look all the same the Ugliest of all the touch screen. You can take an I phone with I phone 3g or even I phone 3gs they look all the same. The designer in Apple has has no idea or may be an idiot. I really praise on Samsung where they have a lot of design on their touch screen. It's time when super AMOLED display has the same resolution with I Phone 4 & then we can tell which dispaly is the best... No TFT LCD screen can beat AMOLED screen.

6. ace1122

Posts: 237; Member since: Mar 23, 2009

OMG your right on the money! Really? Really? No. I couldn't care less about the iphone. The iphone is a good product but i hate what it stands for. It is a phone used by lame shallow people thinking they will be cool bcuz they have an iphone or by people who know nothing bout phones and just assume its the best. Not everything is about the iphone. Why would you even bring it up? If anything, you're the isheep

30. quickdeath unregistered

hellyeah! you got that right!!

4. Johnny Tapa unregistered

I don't believe in this web site, where they more pro to Apple, RIM and Android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. ilovemccormick53 unregistered

this review looks biased. please give some justice in reviewing phones. and please review with partiality...because it seems that this site loves to give apple, android, and rim phones a better score and leave all other phones with an ill-fated review! Please, not practice some biasness for the sake of your good fellow readers!!!

8. dojob unregistered

Why the display of Nokia C6 in this review look so dim............................???

9. SRV unregistered

Dear editor, you are suggesting to buy Motorola Milestone, and Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro over this set??? The Nokia C6 will cost around 14k INR and Motorola Milestone comes at 28k INR and Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro at 25k INR...So how can u compare this set with almost double priced sets??? people looking forward to buy this phone can spent maximum 1 or 2k more. so please suggest within range...

10. SRV unregistered

and please do give me a reply or put your answer here.....

11. nandar unregistered

i think, you, as in this webstite dislike nokia, please review honesty, F U. i still love nokia

12. skar1911 unregistered

Honestly i didnt like the review... sorry.

13. aka1240 unregistered

I totally agree with all the above 4 comments...actually the editor had forgotten that the c6 is only of 13k...n to its price range its the best smart phone till now...n even though its not a very high class phone but still its up to mark n if the editor is going to look only at it only with a negative side and i think the editor must hav reviewed iphone4 or htc n then he must hav reviewed his reviews are like this...but acording to me people with budget 12k to 14k cant get a better phone than this....Nokia rocks!!!!!

14. aka1240 unregistered

I totally agree with all the above 4 comments...actually the editor had forgotten that the c6 is only of 13k...n to its price range its the best smart phone till now...n even though its not a very high class phone but still its up to mark n if the editor is going to look only at it only with a negative side and i think the editor must hav reviewed iphone4 or htc n then he must hav reviewed his reviews are like this...but acording to me people with budget 12k to 14k cant get a better phone than this....Nokia rocks!!!!!

15. JC unregistered

If you don't need a physical Keyboard I think Nokia X6 is a much better option.

16. harish unregistered

i love nokia c6

17. Mem unregistered

I have a C6 and I love it. Not because I have it. This baby performs well and feels well. Thick - True. Sure fits my pocket though. Smooth and not bulky Resistive screen - For the price range. Not really. Compared to iPhone Yes. The keyboard feels cramped - keyboard feels good to me. and typing pretty fast with it. No DivX/XviD video support - Get a converter. Geez. My opinions though not bashing here. :)

20. nokialover unregistered

i believe that Phonearena is being unfair. i recently got a nokia c6 and i really like it. these people do not understand that yo can not compare a phone to one that is nearly double in price. i really dislike this review.

21. Elie 005 unregistered

I think it's the best phone till now and i love it and i'm gonna buy one this week end :D

25. Charles DJ unregistered

Nokia C6 is simply the best mobile among all the ranges.....

27. Cat unregistered

love the nokia C6...Brilliant phone but can someone please tell me where the smileys are. I had a full smiley range on my other Nokia phone. cat

28. Hemant (India) unregistered

This Review is Very Biased for Sure... People should Go to and other websites to get the Honest and Detailed Review... This Budget Phone can not be compared to Vivaz Pro or Milestone... Just look at the Specification of this Phone it has got Everything u ask for... And it's 5MP Auto-Focus LED Flash Camera takes Awesome Photos...(just check it in 's Photo Compare Tool and U will Observe it Yourself) C6 looks more Good in white... Qwerty in 4 Rows with D-Pad is Good ... Reviewer of Phonearena might not be a Fan of Qwerty with D-Pad's But I am! you May Install lots of Java and Sis Applications made for Only Nokia Symbian Phones... Reviewer hates Symbian OS but He Forgot to Mention How User-Friendly and Easy to Use Symbian OS Phones are...and that's why Millions of Symbian Phone users Out there loving it and using it for Years... Watching Flash Animations and Videos on FlashLite Equipped Symbian Phone's in-built Browser is Great which Android Blackberry and Apple Phones can NEVER do... This Biased Reviewer May go and suck his 850US$ Toy =iPhone(with NO Java and NO Flash Lite)...and Android(No FlashLite) and Blackberry Phones (with No Flash Lite and Low Quality Cameras) Thanks :)

29. HatePhoneArenaNow unregistered

This is really disappointing PhoneArena. If you do not like Nokia Phones then don't make useless reviews like this.

31. venky unregistered

what the fuck off review is this don't believe this worst sites you just go for gsmarena. Nokia C6 is really good up to the budget rs13000 range its having almost every thing. I Think phone arena doesn't like Nokia mobiles.

32. MaanU unregistered

I really dislike the review of this phonearena. c6 is quiet an economy phone with many of the best features within its range...... and why is it told to be so bad!!!!

33. c6 owner unregistered

I own a C6, AND i belive this review is biased and of poor quality. It is clear from beggining to end that the reviewwer does not like tis phone. the C6 is awsome and the fact that you can only compare it to phones twice its price is proof of that. The milestone is a cool phone but should be compared with the likes of the nokia E7. I now know better than to refer to this website when looking for reviews.

34. GuvGeek unregistered

I find the C6 under rated. My daughter picked it out for me. It's one for the few phones I can type on and it feels like a phone when I make a call.

35. Robert Kohut unregistered

People are so right, this review is in the wrong section, when all the editor does is say all its cons, but for its price, i got it for $10 on a 2 year contract which isn't bad at all, I've always been a fan of nokia back ten to 15 years ago, I am not an apple fan, phones or computers an never will be, nokia did a great job with this smartphone, the 5 mp camera takes pretty good pictures and with an led flash, its pretty darn good. The only bad thing on this phonein my opinion is the internal memory, it's almost N97's twin, It wouldve been nicer to have 16 GB's of internal memory, then it would be a perfect phone in my eyes, Nokia still Rocks, and is one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world still!!!

36. aditya123 unregistered

hello , i am the user of c6 from2 month i beginning i look so sexy phone but as you us it i is nightmare for me i hang hang and hang no solution i get . i restore it more than 10 time till cont. so what i can say it is only for show of .nothing more than that thank Nokia for this worst product bye for ever..............

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  • Display 3.2" 360 x 640 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP / QCIF (176x144) front
  • Storage 0.24 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1200 mAh(5.00h 3G talk time)

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