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Nokia C6-01 Review

Nokia C6-01

Posted: , by Basil K.


Camera and Multimedia:

All the camera options on the phone are the same as on the Nokia C7, at 8MP with a fixed lens and twin LED flash, we are on the whole impressed with the results on the C6-01. To take a snap, you can use the one stage camera button, or the dedicated on-screen icon that we found delivered less in the way of camera shake. The camera has face detection, an optional on-screen grid, as well as the following:

* Scene modes (auto, user defined, portrait, landscape, sport, night and night-portrait)
* Self timer (off, 2 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds),
* Colour tone (normal, vivid, black and white, sepia),
* White balance (auto, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent)
* Exposure (-2 to +2 in increments of 0.5)
* ISO (low, medium, high)
* Adjustable contrast
* Sharpness (hard, normal, soft)

Colour reproduction is slightly dull and dreary in full auto. The Nokia C6-01 helps the problem with its vivid shooting mode which compensates for this in processing. The camera's recall for the last shooting mode you were on is however patchy, so you can't for example set the default camera mode to vivid which we found annoying.

A lot of these issues can be corrected from within the phone's in-built editing software, which is one of the most comprehensive editing experiences hard-wired into a mobile OS.

Detail is weak for objects under a meter away as can be expected. Take a look at the picture in the restaurant, however, beyond this it performs well.

Exposure on the Nokia C6-01 is not great but is more than tolerable when it comes to camera phones. The inbuilt processor does a good job of evening out high contrast scenes, and for the most part, delivers pretty usable photos. A notable absence is metering control.

Dynamic range is okay in brighter scenes, enabling a well set up shot to deliver a pretty picture. Turn the lights down, and it's naturally going to be another story. Blacks can get blanketed into a sea of noise and highlights unnaturally toned down.

Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
Samples made with the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review

Samples made with the Nokia C6-01

Strong - Indoor samples - Nokia C6-01 Review
Medium - Indoor samples - Nokia C6-01 Review
Low light - Indoor samples - Nokia C6-01 Review
Darkness with flash - Indoor samples - Nokia C6-01 Review



Low light

Darkness with flash

Indoor samples

On the topic of noise, this is an area the Nokia C6-01 has some issues. Without the super advanced sensor or the Xenon flash of the Nokia N8, its twin LEDs aren't enough to make night time shots look like they should. In its attempt of processing the image to lift brightness, the camera brings out huge amounts of noise. In good lighting however, when the image doesn't need to be processed heavily, blacks look clean without too much in the way of noise.

The Nokia C6-01 captures video at 3 resolutions - HD, VGA and very low res for multimedia messaging, with its HD 720p capture at 25fps leaving us impressed on the whole. As this phone isn't being heavily marketed as an HD camera phone, it was a pleasant surprise that the results weren't too far behind the N8. With the Nokia C6-01 producing a generally duller video and worse night time capture, it nevertheless offers the same shooting modes, including vivid to compensate for the dullness and a video light for darker scenes, something the Nokia N8 lacks.

Nokia C6-01 Sample Video:

Music on the C6-01 is a standard Symbian^3 experience, which is not a bad thing as it has had a very nice revamp since S60V5. Upon opening up the application, it opens artists and albums, unlike previous versions which would require an extra step to get here. Clicking the options button lets you view tracks by now playing, song, playlists, genres and podcasts. There is also a link to the Ovi Music store. When viewing albums and artists, holding the Nokia C6-01 in portrait displays a list, while landscape displays a coverflow like stream of album art. The Nokia C6-01’s coverflow is one of the smoothest we’ve seen and is very usable. The revamp however comes in portrait mode. Once an album or artist is selected, the screen will split, the top half displaying a mini coverflow, while the bottom half has the track list. This is very usable and makes single handed music browsing a doddle.

The music player on the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
The music player on the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
The music player on the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
The music player on the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
The music player on the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review
The music player on the Nokia C6-01 - Nokia C6-01 Review

The music player on the Nokia C6-01

Internet and Connectivity:

Connected in much the same way as the Nokia N8 and C7, the Nokia C6-01 has the same wireless options such as GPS, Wi-Fi, quad-band GSM and penta-band 3G, Bluetooth as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microUSB port. All play their part in making this a well-connected phone.

With an improved mail client, it’s a piece of cake to set up email accounts such as Windows Live, Gmail and Yahoo!, and with Mail for Exchange support, inputting just a little more information will give you access to additional mailboxes as well as calendar, contacts and task sync.

Symbian^3's web browser sadly struggles. Web pages load accurately enough, however, stutter when swiping around, especially on larger pages. This can be remedied by installing the free Opera Mobile, though it's a shame the OS doesn't offer a competitive browser as standard.

Internet browsing - Nokia C6-01 Review
Internet browsing - Nokia C6-01 Review

Internet browsing

The on-board GPS finds the Nokia C6-01’s position pretty quickly, however, given the screen-size, it's not much of a realistic GPS replacement.


The Nokia C6-01 doesn’t have a huge amount of software loaded on it, but what it does have is generally good. Take social networking for example, there is a social networking element from Ovi - Social. This integrates Twitter and Facebook, pulling up feeds into a widget on the home-screen, and linking it through to the installed Facebook / Twitter app. There is also Ovi Maps which does the job well of getting you from A to B. Quickoffice reader is also on the Nokia C6-01 as is Adobe PDF reader, but for the most part, that’s it, except for a Paramount trailers app which we didn't use more than once. Even the YouTube icon you'll see is just a link to the mobile site.

You can download more apps from the Ovi Store - Nokia C6-01 Review

You can download more apps from the Ovi Store


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posted on 22 Nov 2010, 06:53

1. Stoli89 (Posts: 333; Member since: 28 Jun 2010)

If the reviewer thinks a 3.2 inch screen is too small, that's OK. But at least understand that some companies tailor product portfolios to those who prefer a smaller, one handed device. IMO, the thicker device actually feels very ergonomic under single-handed operation.

The reviewer should also understand the performance of the browser has little to do with the hardware and everything to do with outdated code. This is why the phone will get a completely NEW browser based on Qt webkit in about one month. In the mean-time, he should at least mention the performance difference using Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini.

posted on 22 Nov 2010, 08:26

2. ymob (unregistered)

it can't be too small for that kind of resolution because with a bigger screen you would see the pixels easier and thats not good

posted on 22 Nov 2010, 11:27

3. Rev (Posts: 12; Member since: 19 Oct 2010)

The scoring seems a bit harsh if the main problem was the small screen. I would think this is about the best device in this price range.

The S^3 T9 keyboard is bit misunderstood I think. There is no way you could use a portrait qwerty on a phone like this and even on it N8 will probably be cramped and hard to use. That is because the screen aspect ratio is a more standard 16:9, which is more narrow than on other phones. From my view Nokia really screwed up the default settings on the T9. If you set predictive, error correction and suggestion options correctly, you can type really fast. This is most likely the ideal input method on C6-01 too. Too bad most users won't find the settings :(

I would also to add the CBD to the plus side. Now that even the new wave doesn't have super amoled, that is pretty good benefit against competition.

posted on 22 Nov 2010, 12:34

4. Richard (unregistered)

It gets a better review here: http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/reviews/item/12307_Nokia_C6_part_2-Is_this_the_so.php

posted on 22 Nov 2010, 23:49

5. JlJ (unregistered)

And what about the sound in the music.. its like the 5800 or better??

posted on 22 Nov 2010, 23:50

6. lawrence (unregistered)

reviewer is dumb one. he has given c7 a rating of 8 and this device which is the better one he is given 6

don't give your personal rating here if you have not liked it just mention it.

i would recommend and give a rating of 9

posted on 23 Nov 2010, 05:47 1

7. PhoneArena Team (Posts: 258; Member since: 27 Jun 2006)

Thanks for the feedback.

@Stoli89: We agree, Opera does provide an improvement and this is in the written review. We have to go on the grounds of the device we have in our hands, and web just wasn't up to scratch when compared to other phones, we look forward to the update.

@JlJ: Sound through the 3.5mm headphone jack was pretty good, not as round as some handsets out there (Desire HD), but good nonetheless.

@lawrence: We assure you, the reason it got this is because input was so difficult and inaccurate when compared with other handsets, it's markedly worse as an overall experience then the C7.

posted on 09 Feb 2011, 05:07

20. achyutish (Posts: 3; Member since: 22 Oct 2010)

@PhoneArena Team: i shall be glad if you confirm your views about the loudspeaker quality and the quality of the nokia CBD......i ahve read that it is almost as good as the Super AMOLEDs of samsung.....it is so???....and also a word about the divx and xvid playing capability of this phone.....is it good than S8500 in video playback, recording or the display????.....i currently have wave s8500 and was thinking to swap it for the c6-01.....please reply!!!!!

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 17:08

29. diogorva (unregistered)

Nokia CBD is just as good as Super AMOLED, at least that's what GSMArena tests proved. Also, C6-01 got plenty of codec support for the video playback, and the video-recording got smart digital zoom, that let's you do 2x zoom without stretching the video.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 17:03

28. diogorva (unregistered)

What do you mean by "not as round as some handsets out there (Desire HD)"? You are saying that Desire HD got better sound-quality? Are you kidding right? Take a look at the GSMArena review, they do technical analizying about sound quality and they proved that Desire HD got terrible sound quality through headphones and the C6-01 audio quality is extremely good just like almost every Nokia phone.
About the user-experience, PhoneArena is the only one that complain about the "overall experience", I think that this phone is simply too small for your hands, but I rather this than a phone like HTC Desire HD that you can't even put properly on the pocket or use with one hand.
In the end, you recommend phones with smaller screens and much worse functionality (also, the X10 mini is even thicker), that makes me think that the review is so biased. This phone deserved alot more.

posted on 23 Nov 2010, 10:04

8. rohu (unregistered)

i like d phone a lot can any one tell me when this will be launched in indian market??

posted on 28 Nov 2010, 23:07

13. modibimal (unregistered)

India launch in Jan'11.

posted on 23 Nov 2010, 11:06

9. fslg9 (unregistered)

The guy reviewed the phone with a preconceived negative idea about the phone. No other review I've seen ever where you can clearly see where the reviewer is biased in.

And what does the 6.5 score mean. In which criteria? Multimedia functionality, web experience or only on its look? Does it have any meaning at all?

I agree with Richard. Other websites have lot better and "Professional" reviews. Not like here where a boy only plays with his toys and he likes one toy better than the other.

Learn kid, learn how to review. Try being concise and not only put a wholesome description about what is what. Only a good looking review style does make you an actual reviewer.

posted on 24 Nov 2010, 09:15

10. ps (unregistered)

Its thick becouse of the 3.2" screen. Hardware is basically same in C7 but with smaller screen there is less space for the components. Thats why its thicker.

posted on 25 Nov 2010, 13:49

11. nakul (unregistered)

I really like this phone...the only doubt in my mind is its camera.......so can u please review a bit more on this.....

posted on 28 Nov 2010, 23:05

12. modibimal (unregistered)

Reviewer said 8GB on board memory, thats not correct. It has only 2GB memory card comes with it.

posted on 23 Dec 2010, 07:42

14. Anup (unregistered)

In this price mark, it has got everything one need. A decent quality 8 MP camera, HD video recording, and playback, dvix and xvid support, and everything else one can demand in a Phone of this price tag. And I don't know how much 0.3" will make difference. This is much compact phone. You don't like this doesn't mean others won't like it. Its going to rock the market.
Can you tell me one phone coming in this pricetag having better(or same) screen resolution, technology, colour depth. and having xvid support, GPU, BT 3.0, 3.5G, wifi, usb on the go, fm and metal finish body.
Only con I can find here is earphone and missing BT HID profile. both of which can be upgraded without much effort.(Just buy wh-701 and upgrade to symbian 4).

Moral : Be happy by what you get, Don't be sad about what you don't.

posted on 06 Jan 2011, 00:39

15. rusai021 (unregistered)

can i ask when will the c6-01 be launched in the philippines?

posted on 09 Jan 2011, 21:52

16. sudarshan.24111990 (Posts: 1; Member since: 11 Dec 2010)

Here is the reply which i get from Nokia India..
show details Jan 4 (5 days ago)
Hello Sudarshan,

Thank you for contacting Nokia CareLine.

I understand that you want to know the launching date of Nokia device C6-01 in India.I know that how important it is for you to get this information immediately and the rest assured I am here to provide you to necessary assistance.

We are glad to inform you that expected launching date of Nokia device C6-01 will be in Second week of January 2011.Right now we are unable to provide you the exact date of relies of availability or information of this phone.All current and upcomind models that nokia plan to release in India are posted on our website i.e.www.nokia.co.in However, we have taken as a valuable feedback and we have forwarded the same to the consumer feedback division for thier due consideration. Any update in this regard will be posted on our website.
(website removed)

Thank you for choosing Nokia.

posted on 13 Jan 2011, 20:08

17. G.M.C. (unregistered)

Hi. Pictures I've searched for of the C6-01 can have a slide out full qwerty keyboard.

Are these not accurate? Or is the qwerty a more expensive choice of some, for this phone, where the review is not of the the qwerty keyboard option?

posted on 20 Jan 2011, 07:42

18. xBoi (unregistered)

Honestly, i thought that the reviewer was being unfair in the review. Just raging about how small the screen is.
Well, I went and tried using the Nokia C6-01. I walked away frustrated. I honestly cannot type anything on it. I end up using the portrait T9 Keypad to type.
The QWERTY is honestly one of the WORST ones around. It was okay on a resistive screen as i could easily hit the tiny buttons with my nails or something. Here, I'm jabbing at the screen with my fingers. And my hands are pretty small. Smaller than the reviewers by about an inch. And I STILL can't type anything.
I know im ranting rite now. But I'm okay with this screen size, but Nokia needs to make a better keyboard for this phone in a software update.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 17:10

30. diogorva (unregistered)

You only need some time to get used to it.
I tried N8 on the store and I couldn't type anything, now I got the C6-01 with even smaller screen and I can type really fast already. So you only need some time to get used to it.

posted on 23 Jan 2011, 07:20

19. MR DEAN (unregistered)

Sorry but the issue regarding of the QWERT virtual keypad is hard to used is NOT TRUE. There's a new application of SWYPE for the phone. Find it in the Nokia's Beta Lab new application. It also support many languages. Dear reviewers and commentors, have a positive mind and please give a positive + alternative rather than downgraded this little angel.

posted on 22 Feb 2011, 10:08

21. jai (unregistered)

may i know the indian price of this mobile

posted on 24 Feb 2011, 07:30

22. hardeep0591 (unregistered)

its Rs.16.600

posted on 08 Mar 2011, 15:11

23. PRIME (unregistered)

Is it just me or this C6-01 really has an impossible and highly unusable lock slider? Is it the same as all the other C6-01 or do I have it replaced? Or is there a mechanical solution for this?

posted on 22 Mar 2011, 17:48

24. diogorva (unregistered)

I have to disagree with both "cons" that the reviews have mentioned.
About the thickness: with a phone of this size, I guess if it were slimmer, it wouldn't be so confortable to handle it, take the X10 mini por example, it's even smaller and even thicker.
About the text entry: the phone is clearly aimed for young teenagers, not for mans with giant hands, if that's your case, there's the E7 for you. So the text entry might not be unconfortable for some people (while a giant phone that you can't operate with one single hand may be).

posted on 26 Mar 2011, 16:59

25. maheswar_m (Posts: 1; Member since: 26 Mar 2011)

As mobidimal said
"Reviewer said 8GB on board memory, thats not correct. It has only 2GB memory card comes with it."

The reviewer has no idea about the specs of this phone and yet he has managed to put together a negative review.

People, this is a very good multimedia smartphone. I agree entering text is a bit clumsy due to the size of the onboard qwerty keypad but everyone will get used to it after a few days using it. holding it is heaven. it fits compactly in your hand and one hand operation is breezy.

Upgrade the firmwire to version 014.002 as soon as you buy it. It definitely makes using it more user friendly.

posted on 27 Mar 2011, 20:43

26. nick (unregistered)

I have two questions which this review does not clarify:

1. Does this model (the C6-01) have a trackpad? If not then it is pretty useless for gaming and editing texts, etc.

2. Pictures I have seen of the qwerty keyboard suggest that it has the $ symbol instead of the £ one. I hope this is not true in the UK. What the hell would we want the $ symbol for??? They may as well give the symbol for the currency in Timbuctu. Can UK users please clarify. Thanks.

posted on 08 Apr 2011, 08:32

27. The Wolf (unregistered)

I actually own one of these and find it quite nice to use. Camera works better than you'd expect from a phone, loudspeaker isn't as tinny as other phones and as far as screen size and keyboard goes, yes i admit the qwerty can be annoying, however, if you go into settings>phone>touch input and turn OFF "adaptive search" it seems to work faster and more accurately. For me anyway and i have long skinny fingers. I bought this phone over others beacause I didn't want a 3.5" slab in my pockets. I much rather the thicker phone. For long fingers it doesn't feel like you're going to drop it all the time, unlike my ipod touch.
I guess each is entitled to their own opinion.

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Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01

OS: Symbian Belle Symbian^3
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PhoneArena rating:
Display3.2 inches, 360 x 640 pixels (229 ppi) AMOLED
Camera8 megapixels
Single core, 680 MHz, ARM11 processor
0.25 GB RAM
Size4.09 x 2.07 x 0.55 inches
(103.8 x 52.5 x 13.9 mm)
4.62 oz  (131 g)
Battery1050 mAh, 12 hours talk time

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