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Nokia C3 Review

Nokia C3

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Nokia C3 Review
The ear speaker of the Nokia C3 is not very strong, and the voices have a static hiss to them. The other party said we sounded a bit muffled, but the volume was loud enough to distinct the caller's voice.

The Nokia C3's 1320mAh battery is rated for 7 hours of talk time and 20 days of standby, which is fine, but not very impressive, considering that the phone doesn't have to maintain 3G connectivity.


The Nokia C3 is a well-targeted phone, made predominantly for affordable messaging and social network updates on the go. By stripping it down of functions unneeded by its target market like 3G, GPS or a touchscreen, the company has managed to keep the price at bay.

Moreover, Nokia has cleverly designed the C3 to look and feel like a device from the business-friendly Eseries, altering the interface of the Series 40 platform. If only it had managed to cram a bit better optics for the camera, we'd go so far as to say Nokia will sell a boatload of the C3. What will be the profit margin on this handset, is a totally different story.

We are hard pressed to find anything in the Nokia C3's price range as an alternative. For a Benjamin more you enter a whole category of QWERTY smartphones – the Nokia Eseries, Blackberrys, Samsung QWERTY phones, etc. They have mobile OS's, better cameras and 3G connectivity. But that's a Benjamin more. Maybe the Samsung CorbyTXT B3210 (aka Samsung Genio QWERTY) will do the trick with its even lower price, if you can live sans the Wi-Fi, otherwise the price is very right on the Nokia C3 to be your basic messaging phone that you can use for social networking deeds as well.

Nokia C3 Video Review:


  • Inexpensive
  • Designed to look like a business-class Eseries device
  • Comfortable QWERTY keyboard
  • Social networking updates on the home screen


  • Mediocre camera
  • Lack of 3G
  • No software for viewing Office documents
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Display2.4 inches, 320 x 240 pixels (167 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Size4.55 x 2.29 x 0.54 inches
(115.5 x 58.1 x 13.6 mm)
4.02 oz  (114 g)
Battery1320 mAh, 7 hours talk time

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