Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-607 Review

A very important aspect of every wireless headset’s performance is howcomfortable it is. Unfortunately, the Nokia BH-607 was quiteunconvincing when it came to that. After about an hour of use, the painin your ear becomes too much, so taking the headset off seems like thesweetest thing to do.

Call quality is rather poor both on theincoming and outgoing sides. The DSP manages to isolate environmentalnoises so that your caller will hear only your voice, but this doesn’thelp much for the clearness of the sound, as you will be sharp, notloud enough and, as a whole, hardly understandable. The same goes forwhat you’ll hear in the earpiece of the Nokia BH-607, where, besidesthe poor sounding voice of the person on the other end, you’ll also getto hear the ambient sounds. There is no difference, really.

Wehad hopes that the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-607 will prove betterthan most of the competition, but instead, it put up a rather poorperformance. It’s uncomfortable to wear and sounds worse than whatwe’re used to hear from other headsets of the same class. If you need anice wireless headset, check out the Plantronics Discovery 925, it’smore comfortable and delivers way better sound quality.


  • Personalisable “My own key” for Nokia phones


  • Becomes uncomfortable after an hour
  • Sound quality is rather disappointing

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