Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-108 Review


Because of the single multifunctional button, operating the Nokia BH-108 is very easy - it is used for the call/end call and power on/off functions. Unfortunately, pressing the only button is not a particularly comfortable affair, since it's not very responsive and sometimes it needs more than one click to register your command. Furthermore the volume control can't be directly accessed with this headset, so you may need your handset next to you when making and taking a call.

The Nokia BH-108 doesn't offer additional headphone rubbers straight from the box, and  if the stock rubber is not your size, this may prove to be a problem.

The times when phones were just phones, and Bluetooth headsets were just Bluetooth headsets are in the past, but yet the call quality is of utmost importance for every hands-free headset. Unfortunately, this is a category where the BH-108 doesn't perform very well.

The in-call quality is merely decent, as voices don't sound particularly natural, and the volume doesn't seem to be loud enough, even when on maximum levels.

People on the other side of the line said our voices sounded loud, clear and natural. Nokia has stated a range of 33 feet within which the BH-108 and any compatible handset can be paired, but our tests put that into question, as the connection suffers significantly when the headset is more than a few feet away from the phone.

Battery life is also not that great (5 hours at maximum) compared to other Bluetooth headsets, but then again, this is more than enough for a hands-free device.


The Nokia BH-108 is one very simple headset - and this is true for both its appearance and its functions.

That said, the Nokia BH-108 is available for only $28, so if you are looking for a hands-free headset that doesn't offer any additional functionality, you may consider the Nokia BH-108. It has a clean design and allows fast and easy pairing with a wide range of handsets - at the end of the day, this may be all you actually need from your Bluetooth headset.


  • Offers a very clean design
  • Light and compact
  • Fast and easy pairing


  • Lacks volume control
  • The headset is uncomfortable to use

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1. rinku0291 unregistered


2. PG_kohka_bhilai unregistered

pg room available aray nagar, kohka , bhilai. mo. 9752994862

3. percy mistic unregistered

it is good but sensitivities is low . but all the same it good.

4. Yako2k3 unregistered

I have one and i cannot hear anything even phone's max.volume. There is no loud or volume control buttons on device. I hate this product. Im Looking for boomset like Nokia HDB-5 for N8.

5. kai unregistered

it is best product for all nokia users

6. swaroop unregistered

can i use this devise with samsung mobile phone

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