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Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset Review

Posted: , by Nanko R.


Battery - Performance - Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset Review


Range - Performance - Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset Review




Usage of the unit is similar to that of other Nokia products. In order to pair it only must be switched on. In case it does not find an already paired device, the pairing mode remains active. It is reached through the telephone menu and the identification is done by 0000.

BH900 is not very different with regard to functionality either. Most operations are carried through the answer/reject button and the various ways of pressing it. In standby, a single push will turn on voice dialing and/or commands of the telephone, fast double one – last dialed number. At an incoming call the same button will answer it, unless very briefly pressed – for rejecting.

What is intriguing about this headset is the moving slider, acting in the same way as with the mobile phones. When there is a call, opening the slider will answer it, while closing it will interrupt the current conversation. Call rejecting can also be carried out thought pulling the slider down and instantly – back upwards.

In order to mute the microphone during conversation you must press the middle position of the sound control scroller.


What BH900 is intended for is quality sound – perhaps this is the headset with the best of microphones for human voice transition out of all models available on the market. The combination of a long piece that reaches your mouth, three openings for letting the sound in, and a DSP system, result in excellent quality indeed – even in a very noisy environment it is hard for the other side to notice you are using a hands-free device. The system filters all the background noises very efficiently and the sole thing that is let in is the voice; only other people’s talking can interfere with what you are saying. Sound is not only clear, but very real as well – your voice is live, with full frequency range, distinctness, and high volume. What you hear in the receiver is also very good, noiseless, and voice sound is real; however, the volume is just a bit over average, which may render it slightly insufficient in case the earpiece does not fix well into the ear.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Sudipta Singh (unregistered)

I am a soft talker, and one of the things that continually bothered me with all BT headsets is that they seem to assume that you do not need a mic close to your mouth, but can pick up the sound from your ear/bone/ambient noise. No headset ever worked for me without me having to (for me) yell at the top of my voice, and even then call quality was bad. With this headset, all that is a thing of the past - people do not know I am on a headset, pairing is effortless, and the biggest plus for me -- the voice command function on this phone interfaces seamlessly to MS Voice Command on my WM6 Phone (T-Mobile MDA/HTC Wizard); My only beef is that my ears are also sensitive, so wearing the clip for long periods of time is not my bag - I end up switching to from ear to ear every hour or so and have no problems whatsoever. Your mileage may vary....... Once again - excellent audio!!

posted on 20 Aug 2011, 18:17

2. sameer khan (unregistered)

Hello sir i love this bh900 lovely pls get me one morei want one more pls help me

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