Nokia BH-801 Review


As it can be used without the earhook and any kind of other loop that is attached around your ear, the BH801 is extremely easy to be attached with only a few movements – just push the earpiece and it will sit over your ear, steadily attached with the rubber ring in your ear-canal. This is extremely easy as it was with the BH-800, and we appreciate it.

The headset can be worn for hours without bringing inconvenience. Once attached it only moves slightly but still the rear part (the earpiece) stays in its place. The only issue is that the headset does not come with different size earpiece-plugs, so if your ear-canal is with smaller opening, most probably you will not be able to use the headset.


We like the Nokia BH-801 but it doesn’t offer anything more than the BH-800. The two headsets are absolutely identical as specifications but the 801 is slightly larger and heavier. If you are looking for small and elegant headset which you will use indoors in quite environment (don’t need a DSP system) then the BH-800/1 are excellent choice.


  • Easy to attach and comfortable to wear
  • Excellent keys
  • Relatevely small and light-weight
  • Good sound quality when in quiet environment


  • Lacks DSP
  • Bigger and heavier than the BH800
  • The combination of math and glossy plastic isn't attractive

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