Nokia BH-800 Bluetooth Headset Review


As it can be used without the earhook and any kind of other loop that is attached around your ear, the BH800 is extremely easy to be attached with only a few movements – just push the earpiece and it will sit over your ear, steadily attached with the rubber ring in your ear-canal. This is extremely easy and we liked it more than the AX2 that has to be attached via soft spring.

But it is not only easily attached – it stays extremely steady and comfortable, and it can be worn for hours without getting tired of it! As it won’t wobble on your face, and thanks to its minimal weight, you may even forget that it is there. BH-800 stays so steadily, that it won’t troubles you even while training or running.

Thanks to the small size and stylish design, BH800 won’t turn you into robot while you are wearing – it is stylish accessory that takes just a small part of the face, next to the ear. It looks serious and stylish there with no undesired flashing.


The Nokia BH800 is not the smallest, but is one of the most stylish headsets in the tiny category. Made with great construction quality and innovative decisions, it is very comfortable and user-friendly accessory with good performance. Packing strong sound with good quality, it better than average and definitely worth the price.


  • Small dimensions with stylish design and solid construction
  • Comfortable wearing for long period of usage
  • Handy keys and smart volume-scroll
  • Stylish accessories


  • Noise appears during a call. Sound quality in noisy environment doesn’t match hi-end devices
  • Lack of Digital Signal Processing system
  • Cannot be charged via Computer (Laptop)

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