Nokia BH-800 Bluetooth Headset Review


Pairing the headset is also a strange, but useful solution. The headset doesn’t have “pairing mode”, but once powered on, if there is no other device connected to it, BH800 will be discoverable for devices that search for it. This mode will be indicated by flashing of the LED in green. The headset can be paired to up to eight devices at a time, but can be connected to only one.

If you know what to do, as this is an extraordinary type of pairing, it is very easy to complete it in a few seconds. After the phone finds the headsets, the default 0000 key should be entered.

Once connected, the LED will flash with blue color. In this stand-by mode, a single press of the Talk key will bring the voice control menu up (if the phone supports it), while if there is an incoming call waiting, this will answer it. In order to reject it, the same key should be briefly pressed twice.
An interesting and once again unique decision is the way the volume it muted – a simple press of the volume slider will do it, which means the latter is 3-way key – scrolls up, scrolls down, and can be pressed.


The quality of the sound during a call is high in both directions. People we were talking with heard us with average strength but very clearly and realistically, hearing a natural human voice coming from the BH800’s microphone without any echo.

The incoming sound was very loud, but put at 10 of 10 volume, the earpiece volume was distorted; at 9 of 10 it was high-enough and clear. The voices sound realistic and natural, but we were able to hear some noise while the other party speaks, that disturbed us.

Even as it lacks noise-reduction system, we tested the performance in a windy environment. Unfortunately the results won’t please you, and using it in noisy environments is not recommended.

With 6 hours of continues talk-time, the Nokia BH800 performed as well as the Bluespoon AX2. This is an average result, but as the headsets are from the ultra-small class, this is reasonably well.

The range of the Class 2 specification of Bluetooth is 10 meters (30feet). We tested how the headset performed, compared to other models, and the result is is 11% better than the one of the AX2. It still doesn’t reach the limit of the specifications



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