Nokia BH-800 Bluetooth Headset Review

Nokia BH-800 is tiny rectangular headset with slightly rounded corners and clean design without anything unnecessary to distract from its style. It is available in two color variations: silver and dark one, and the one we are testing is the dark-colored, called “Coffee Black”: it’s in dark metallic gray color in combination with mirror-like silver parts.

But apart from the stylish colors, what you will notice immediately is its tiny size. It measures only 1.61” x 0.7” x 0.35” (41 x 18 x 9 mm) with weight of 0.32oz (9grams).

The BH800 has three keys: on the front side there is typically situated the Talk key used for answering the calls; it is silver square with mirror view. Raised from the surface, it is easy to feel it and press it, which will be indicated with good tactile response.

A rather strange solution is the volume control – it is done by one scroll-key for both volume up and down. The small scroll is situated in the rear part, and depending on the ear you attach the headset to, it may be on either the top or bottom side. It is easy to feel and use, and a nice extra is that moving through the volume-level-steps, brings different sound and it is easy to feel if your are in the upper or lower part of the volume.

On the rear side is situated a small square plastic key, that is used only for powering on and off the device. Next to it is a three-color LED that can blink in red, blue, and green colors.

The back side houses the earpiece and a rubber nipple with hole, for attaching an ear hook. The earpiece is rounded with rubber for more comfortable feeling and solid connection with your ear; if you don’t use the optional earhook (we didn’t), it will be the only thing that keeps the headset on your head. The rubber material is only around the piece, and doesn’t cover it, but you won’t have “metal-touch” feeling when it is properly installed.

The construction of the headset is of high quality and it feels very solid. It doesn’t produce any sound when pressed or shaken, which gives for it classy feel.



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