Nokia BH-700 Review


Since it is possible to use the device with ot without the optional ear loop, we will discuss the two possibilities separately.

Without the optional ear loop

  • The attaching of BH-700 is possibly the easiest one with one hand only. All you have to do is just to place the device in your ear and to adjust it to the most comfortable position for you. If you want to attach the headset to the other ear, you simply have to transfer it from one ear to the other one.
  • The attaching mainly depends on the shape of the ear and because of this we recommend you to test this model before you choose it. Of course, you can always use the optional ear loop included in the package, which leads us to the second possibility.

With the optional ear loop

  • The device is attached by the same way and the only different thing is that you need to slip the hook behind the ear and to adjust it to the most comfortable position.
  • The additional hook in the delivery package is a very good decision and it ensures the stable attaching that does not depend so much on the shape and size of the ear.

In both cases (with or without ear loop), the headset is comfortable and even in 2-3 hours of use, you do not feel any discomfort or weight in your ear.


If you want a small and lightweight headset that is comfortable even after long time use – BH-700 is one of the models you have to pay attention to. It has a classical design, nicely chosen colors and easy-to-use control buttons. This model would be really loved by the ladies and the gentlemen.

Similar characteristics and size you can find in other models of Nokia like BH-800 & BH-801.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Could be used without ear loop
  • Easy-to-use control buttons


  • The stable attaching depends on the shape and the opening of the ear (if it is used without the ear loop)

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