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Nokia BH-602 Review

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If the device has not been connected before, just switch it on, by holding the power button for about 3 seconds. Otherwise, the pairing mode is activated in about 7 seconds and after the LED starts blinking fast in blue, you have to input the usual 0000 password in the phone.

Nokia BH-602 Review
Standard functions such as, voice dialing, last number redialing and end call are executed by using the answer/end key. You can also mute or unmute the microphone during a call, by pressing the middle of the volume key. In some cases, especially for business people this could be a very convenient function.


Nokia BH-602 disposes of a 210 mAh Lithium-Ion polymer battery, which according to official data provided by the manufacturer, lasts up to 11 hours of Talk time and up to 300 hours of Standby time. For our big disappointment, the device lasted only 8 hours during the tests, which is 3 less than indicated. The 45 minute full charge is quite quickly. Thanks to that, you have nothing to worry about if your battery dies, since by charging it for 15 minutes only, you get 5 hours of talk time.

The officially indicated range is approximately 33 feet, but we managed to achieve a very good result better than the one suggested – approximately 100 ft.

Nokia BH-602 Review
The incoming sound is weak and is slightly muffled, sharp, and even hard to understand at times. In the opposite direction the story is almost the same – again the voices are unreal, which is not very pleasant if you are having an important business conversation. If you are in a noisier establishment for example, you are better off leaving BH-602 at home or in your vehicle. We even tried yelling as a mean of communication, but with no success. The device performed quite well in a windy environment. If the air current is weak or average, the handsfree is usable, but if it gets any stronger, BH-602 cannot manage.


Nice and clean design, easy to use, convenient for continuous wear, extremely fast charging and lasting battery – Nokia BH-602 is all that. If the sound quality during a call was a little better, the device would be a perfect solution for business people. Despite this drawback, if you are looking for a wireless handsfree, for long conversations with a short charging time, then Nokia BH-602 is just for you. There is no way you will dislike its design, especially if you are using Nokia’s E-series.


  • Long talk and standby time for a headset with DSP technology
  • Comfortable for long use
  • Very fast charging


  • Heavier than the average
  • Not very stable
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. JWY49 (Posts: 1; Member since: 12 Apr 2009)

I have had my BH 602 for about three weeks now. I find the conversations to be crystal clear with more volume available than from previous ear pieces that I have had. I even removed the ear hook and was able to use the piece just inside my ear with no diffulity and more confort. Of course I would not recommend that outside the office. A plus rating with me.

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