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Nokia BH-501 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review

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Activating the pairing mode is standard – one has to press and hold the multifunction button for a few seconds while the device is off, and wait for the alternating blue-red indication. When requested, enter the traditional password – “0000”.

Nokia designers have considered making the headphones universally applicable – besides being operable with a phone, player, or computer, they can be connected to a phone and a music player simultaneously. This is a very convenient option indeed, especially for those who do not dispose of a Music player on their phone, but have a separate one instead.


So far as music playback is concerned, performance is not up to the mark at all. We have been quite surprised by the fact that a device, intended mostly for listening to music, would show such mediocre results.

Range - Nokia BH-501 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review


With bass, there is a distinctive lack of attack and detail, and lowest-range frequencies are scarcely represented. The “flat” medium frequencies make the sound of vocals unrealistic and outright unpleasant, while the high frequencies are metal-like and flat. Volume, though, is high enough to enable listeners to hear their music in most types of environment. As a whole, sound quality is somewhere in the middle between that of BH-500 and BH-601.

TalkTime - Nokia BH-501 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review


During conversation the user hears voices from the other end with excess bass, which renders them unrealistic and even unintelligible at times. Your voice, as heard by the collocutor, is of average volume, slightly muffled and with more bass, which once again result in being occasionally unintelligible.

According to Nokia specifications, the device should endure up to 11 hours in talk mode or 150 hours in standby; respectively, the operating range should measure up to 10 meters. Having been subjected to testing in real conditions, BH-501 showed a result of 10 hours and 45 minutes – a minor difference from the official timing and one that is better than those of BH-500 and BH-601. By testing the operating range we established a maximum operability distance of 16.9 meters (55.4 feet); normal conversation would be impossible if one went further. In this respect, the unit’s performance is much inferior to that of competitive models such as BH-601 and BH-500.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Defiant (unregistered)

These headphones make a decent set producing decent sound.. But they didn't last a month under normal usage. I didn't even abuse it in any way, no accidents, just normal usage. Bad buy. Pros: Decent Sound Cons: POOR Workmanship POOR Service Uncomfortable to use Signal easily affected by physical barriers No Music Player Controls Weak microphone Did I mention the poor workmanship?

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