Nokia BH-301 Review


BH-301 is made of white plastic, which is the main color and you can vary the look of the front cover with several changeable cover designs in the package. In this way, you can easily change the look of the headset to suit your mood and even the occasion or your clothes. You have at your disposal three front covers, which you can change by lifting them from the side of the microphone – a few seconds and you have a hands-free with a completely different look.

The device is designed to be universal – for left or right ear, without any change or adjustment.
The attaching is achieved by two opposite hooks and it is very stable and reliable, as well as avoiding all moving parts which are possible to be broken in a careless handle.

The control buttons of BH-301 are three. Inside you can find the on/off button and the LED indicator, which lights in red and green. On the side you can find the scroll key for volume control and the multifunction key is on the front.

The buttons are very easy-to-use and you can press them with no effort. They are placed very comfortably and even people with ticker fingers will have no problems to use the device. The multifunction button is large and wide, and it is very easy to press on it, even with the soft part of your finger. The scroll key is controlled easily, no matter which ear the device is attached to.


With BH-301, as well as with other models of Nokia, there is no pairing mode. The device is ready for this as soon as it is activated. Besides this, you are again prompted for the standard code 0000. If the device was connected with other


According to Nokia official specifications, the BH-301 stands up to 7 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time. These specifications depend on the way of use and the distance to the phone. We have tested these specifications and after the test, BH-301 stood up to 5 hours and 40 minutes talk time and the sound volume was on maximum, which is over an hour less than the officially declared time by Nokia. It is a good achievement for the device, compared to high class models of Nokia such as – BH-600, BH -700 and BH -801.

The volume of the sound in the headset is very loud, so you will not have problems when you talk in a noisy environment.
The volume of the sound on the other side of the phone line is loud, but there is strong echo that vastly reduces the quality of the sound and the microphone gets many of the surrounding noises.

While trying to make a call, surrounded by loud music, your voice will not be distinguished from the song and the other side will not be able to understand you. Also the wind will be an obstacle and if it is strong you won't be able to make a conversation. If it's slight wind, the other party will still understand you and the quality will be above the average. This is quite normal for all headsets which do not feature DSP.

BH-301 fits differently to the ear because of its specific attach mechanism, and that depends on the shape and size of the ear. That is why the echo is experienced differently by the person on the other side of the line – very loud or very quiet.

The test for the power range of the device went extremely bad. After reaching 15.9 m, it was impossible to communicate and that is one of the worst results of all Nokia models.



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