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Nokia BH-218 Review

Posted: , by Victor H.



Nokia BH-218 Review
Powering the device on is as simple as taking the ear bud out of the clip. The Nokia BH-218 starts to flash in blue to indicate it has entered pairing mode and we had no trouble hooking the device up to an iPhone or a Nokia phone. Multipoint is on board and this means that the headset can be paired with two phones at the same time. In addition, voice guidance can also be of some use, notifying you about the status of the device. The Nokia BH-218 supports Bluetooth 2.1, as well as the Headset (HSP) and Handsfree (HFP) profiles.

With no volume controls, it is essential that the automatic adjustments to the sound level happen quickly and accurately. To test the robustness of the volume adjustments and the noise reduction, we took the BH-218 to the busiest streets in town. We found the device to perform very good in noisy environments, our callers were able to hear us clearly despite all the car horns and honking of rush hour. On our side, the volume controls were also good, volume adjustment was reasonably quick as we went from busier to quiet streets.

One thing we would have wished to hear is sound that is a notch louder, but overall we are happy with the Nokia BH-218. On incoming calls, people sounded close to natural, we could tell apart familiar voices. Our callers reported hearing us loud, but not so clear as voices were a bit subdued.

Nokia BH-218 Review
Nokia BH-218 Review
Nokia BH-218 Review

Talk time stands at the very good 8 hours, while you will need some 2 hours to fully charge the headset. Battery life was on par with Nokia's claims of 8 hours of talk time and more than enough for the needs of most. Even though we used the handset in around 20-degree F weather, we did not notice a decrease in battery life. This might be due to the fact that the clip would usually be covered with a layer of clothes in winter and thus protected from the negative impact that low temperatures have on batteries.


The Nokia BH-218 is on the cheaper side of Nokia's series of headsets at nearly $50. As we saw, it goes with some unconventional design decisions, but nevertheless looks discreet when you manage to deal with the dangling cable issue. But the most important feature for a headset is good call quality and comfort fit, and this one has them both. The BH-218 adds a great battery life and if you want to try a somewhat different headset, you might just find this the right pick.


  • Very good calling quality
  • Unconventional design


  • Dangling cable
  • Sound output on the quiet side
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posted on 14 Jan 2011, 13:33

1. Bezpristrasten (unregistered)


posted on 22 Nov 2011, 12:25

2. tsaggalidis (Posts: 1; Member since: 22 Nov 2011)

At 22/8/2011 I have buy a blutooth set BH 218 from Nokia. After 3 months the hear set is in one point broked. I try to bring the hearset to nokia stores to fixed or change to a new one because I have the garanty about this. The answer was , that I am fold about the brocke so the result was negativ to change this hearset.

Me personally I know 4 people more with the same defective problem. Because it is a defectiv problem from nokia and not the behavior from the customers they have pay about 40-45 euros for this set. I find this very sadly and not responsible from Nokia.

I have publish this site with fotos to see the defective problem. I will erase this site if somebody from nokia tell me somethink serious answer and change the hearset.

THE LINK FOR THIS WITH FOTOS ARE http://tsaggalidis.com/html/nokia_bh_218.html

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