Nokia BH-200 Bluetooth Headset Review


One needs to get used to the peculiarities of the double ear-hook in order to start hanging it by one hand and without excessive trouble. Unfortunately, sometimes it tends to stand sideways, which means pulling it off and then fixing it once again. Despite the lack of softening parts, the headphone is not inconvenient. Its weight is well distributed, so it will not feel heavy during a short conversation or even for more than an hour on your ear.
*One must bear in mind that an incorrect placing can make the earpiece pinch the ear unpleasantly.

In our opinion the headset looks a bit ‘cyborg-like’ and resembles a toy. Despite the unit’s comparatively small size, the flat microphone surrounded by grey plastic makes the BH200 slightly laughable while worn on the ear. In case you are looking for high-tech appearance, perhaps the choice should be different.


In life one gets what one pays for; the same with Nokia BH200 – belonging to the class of ‘budget’ models it has a low performance with regard to sound quality and simply mediocre look. However, it is quite convenient to use and comfortably worn.


  • Easy to feel and press keys
  • Stays steadily on the ear in most cases


  • Mediocre sound quality in both directions
  • Only 4 hours of talk-time

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