Nokia BH-200 Bluetooth Headset Review


Like the rest of the Nokia headsets, BH200 has no pairing mode – you simply switch it on and it will be discovered and connected to unless there is already a telephone within its coverage. Then you have to search for it in the mobile’s menu and enter the 0000 identification code. As a whole this saves time, but in case there are several telephones in use simultaneously, serious problems may arise – you will need to first find which telephone it has connected to in order to disconnect, and only after doing so - try to get in touch with another. As usual, it can be paired with several (in our case 8) devices, but connected to one only.

In accordance with the established standard, different ways to press the multifunctional button perform different functions. In standby, a swift double pressing will turn on the voice commands, while holding will dial the last dialed number. At an incoming call pressing it will answer, while a swift double pressing – reject it. Volume is controlled thru the ‘wheel’ on one of the sides, but if pressed on the middle, it will mute the microphone.


The earset’s microphone performance is quite low – its sensitivity is insufficient and the sound – not very good, a bit unclear. You hear at a volume slightly below average, but comparatively clear. At times a cracking sound is heard into the earpiece. As a whole, we estimate that usage in a noisy environment would be rather difficult, especially for the lack of a noise-filtering system, or DSP.



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