Nokia BH-200 Bluetooth Headset Review

BH200 is neither one of the small nor one of the big headsets – it is medium-sized and a considerable part is taken up by the ‘clip’ that attaches it to the ear. Like the one of the top Nokia model, this clip is bi-aural and can be used on either ear without any change, holding it on both sides. We find this to be decently convenient and approve of it.

The headset is made of shiny black plastic, which, unfortunately, can get dirty rather easily. A very long but narrow Call/multifunction button is located on the front panel – its finding and pressing are effortless, but at doing so one presses the ear in an unpleasant way. On one side is the sound-control ‘wheel’ – a truly faultless system, which contributes to the easy finding and pressing of buttons, without the dislikable moments inherent to rocker keys.. On the other side there are the on/off button and the charging socket.

Service information on BH200 is secured by a small LED light, flashing green and red. Located on the inside, it remains unnoticeable. To save on price, the ear-hook is made of flexible plastic without rubber lining and the earpiece itself also lacks a soft part to rest upon/press against your face.



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