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Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte Review

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

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Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte Review

Imagine getting in to the VIP and flashing your Carbon Arte… not being able to hear a single word. Luckily this won’t happen, because although not perfect, the sound during a call is very good at both ends of the line. Only at your end of the line voices will sound somewhat monotonous but clear. Do not forget that you can stop the ringing by just putting the phone face down. That’s a nice extra especially if executed in the proper manner.

According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts up to 3.5 hours of talks or 300 in standby mode, which is less than the average time offered by the latest phones. You could still go for couple of days without recharging (30-40 min of talk per day). If you make a lot of calls (hours daily), charging will become a daily routine.


Got money...  And you know it... Take it out your pocket and show it... Throw it... This a way... That a way... This a way... oops, we got carried away!

One more time – Carbon Arte is more of the same. It has a nice, slightly different design, which only widens the audience of potential clients for Nokia. If you like Carbon Arte, you should definitely purchase it. It is worth having and will help you demonstrate class before the crowd.


  • Slightly different (modernistic) design compared to the other two models
  • Carries the exquisite feeling for luxury
  • High-quality sound


  • Display is useless in direct sunlight
  • Doesn’t offer anything innovative
  • Controls are not very user-friendly
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Display2.0 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (200 ppi) OLED
Camera3.2 megapixels
Size4.29 x 1.79 x 0.57 inches
(109 x 45.6 x 14.6 mm)
5.29 oz  (150 g)
Battery1000 mAh, 3.33 hours talk time

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