Nokia 8290 Review

With seven available colors and sleek design, the Nokia 8290 looks like a toy. There is no antenna sticking out (it is located internally, so you cannot see it), which would get in the way when you pull the phone out of your pocket. The phone design is simple and intuitive. Soft keys and a scroll button guide you through the functions of menus, submenus, and phone book. The talk and end buttons are illustrated with corresponding green and red icons. The on/off button is seamlessly built-in to the top of the phone. The buttons are easy to press and a volume control button can be easily accessed on the left side of the phone. Nokia 8290 also offers an array of changeable color covers (this was one of my favorite features. I had 2-3 different faceplates. Changing the faceplate gives you the felling you have a new phone). You can get the Nokia 8290 in seven colors: Coral Red, Metallic Blue, Mocha Brown, Mint Green, Lagoon Blue, Lunar Yellow or Storm Black. The phone's front panel has silver and black elements. I like Metallic Blue color the most.

The good

• Small and light with every feature imaginable including IR, and Vibrate.
• Lighted keypad not normally found on some small phones.
• Super usability and ease of use featuring the famous Nokia User interface.
• Large Amount of phone book entries.
• Picture messaging, custom ring tones, removable faceplates.
• Long battery life, even with the standard battery which is only 650 mAh
• Excellent voice quality and call management features

The bad

• No simple belt clip solution, you must purchase stick on type.
• Only 8 Voice dial labels, 25 would have been nice.
• Internal antenna offers poor signal strength in some areas. (This is also a network issue. I used mine with Voicesream. Bad, Bad signal. Sometimes in order to keep the conversation I had to find a spot in my apartment, where the reception is good and stay there)
• No cool Blue lights.
• No WAP browser or Internet browser built in.
• Because of the phone's size, the buttons are somewhat small and there is not much space between them.

The Ugly

• Very delicate, don't drop it on concrete or you will be sorry.
• Phone gets hot on the ear if you talk too long
• Did I mention the bad signal?
• Some of the phones have defective display. I had to exchange 3 phones
because of that.



1. Johnnokia

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The first news thread was about Nokia. How great is Nokia !!

2. mercorp

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Why am I in a time warp!
  • Battery 750 mAh(2.50h talk time)

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