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Nokia 808 PureView camera comparison


Nokia 808 PureView camera comparison
Our camera comparison was a fun ride with a bit of a predetermined winner - the Nokia 808 PureView - considering the technology behind its 41MP sensor. The Nokia N8 runner-up performance is a no-brainer too, when we count the comparatively large sensor and the Xenon flash, lacking only in hardware capable of 1080p video processing.

Actually we are pretty pleased with the outdoor results of the whole lot. This crop of flagships has come a long way, and hopefully marks the path forward for smartphone camera modules. For your typical usage of scrolling through pictures on a computer screen or normal prints, all the phones will do nicely and then some.

It’s the indoor and low-light shots that were the real challenge, and there the Nokia 808 PureView stepped in with a bang, outperforming the crew not with a seasonal upgrade or a few interface tricks, but rather with all the years its sensor has been in the making. Then we can place the Nokia N8 and lump closely together the iPhone 4S, the Galaxy S II/III, and the Xperia S, with the HTC One X and the LG Optimus 4X HD the weakest links.

Looking forward, manufacturers better be stepping up their game in the camera module department with the looming threat of a “pixel oversampling” Lumia, so we as consumers can win across the board in the end from the development of the Nokia 808 PureView, which finally shifts focus to the way pixels are utilized, not just their number.

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