Call quality and battery life:

The Nokia 808 PureView provides adequate volume in the earpiece during conversation, with no audible distortions, hissing or echo. The dual mics also do a decent job relaying our voice to the other side clean enough, and weeding out the background noise while talking. Here we have to mention again the excellent loudspeaker, which makes it unlikely that you’ll miss a call.

Nokia quotes the 1400mAh battery for about 7 hours of talk time in 3G mode which is pretty average. Symbian, despite its true multitasking is a pretty frugal mobile OS, and Nokia uses a black background everywhere in the interface, so the AMOLED screen draws less juice.

The huge 41MP camera doesn’t seem to draw an excessive amount of energy while filming and processing shots, too, and we were able to do many shots after the low battery warning without the phone dying on us. Nokia says that moving parts in the camera module are reduced to the minimum, so overall the Nokia 808 PureView could last you a weekend with normal use, as most Symbian phones do, unless you are browsing for a long time, which you probably won't do to yourself considering the abilities of the default browser.


We admit that we paid the bulk of our attention in the review to the camera on the Nokia 808 PureView, because we were mesmerized by what the 41MP module is capable of. As a phone the handset functions as good as it gets with Symbian, especially if you have some experience with this mobile OS, then your basics will be covered, otherwise the learning curve might be steep. To somewhat compensate for the comparatively clunky interface and apps, the 808 PureView carries the free offline navigation of Nokia Drive in most countries worldwide.

Frankly, we are in awe of what Nokia has produced with the camera in this phone. The achievement makes us optimistic about its future flagships, despite the major turnaround that is going on at the company now. Even in today’s breakneck smartphone industry, it’s been a long time since we saw true innovation - something that is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, with no chance of being replicated in a few months by everybody, as was the case with dual-core processors or HD screens - the main hardware innovations in the last two years.

Granted, at the initial price Nokia is asking for the 808 PureView you can get any flagship out there, be it the Galaxy S III, iPhone 4S, Optimus 4X HD or the HTC One X. They are all svelte, with high-res displays, decent cameras, speedy processors and hundreds of thousands of quality apps behind their backs, but get quickly overshadowed as soon as the next best thing is around the corner with upgraded specs, design, and a clever software trick or two.

Enthusiasts that will purchase the 808 PureView, however, know that they can live without many less important things, but if they want the best photography a mobile device can deliver, that’s precisely what Nokia’s groundbreaking invention offers.

Here's to hoping that the example Nokia sets with the PureView smartphone camera technology will up the ante for the other manufacturers to push even harder in delivering better shooters in their future handsets, and that might easily be the best thing that the existence of the Nokia 808 PureView achieves. And here’s to hoping Nokia will popularize this amazing camera technology further by bringing it to a flagship Windows Phone 8 device, that might very well start a new smartphone era. For now, the Nokia 808 PureView is in a league of its own.

Software version: 112.020.0309

Nokia 808 PureView Video Review:


  • Groundbreaking PureView camera technology
  • Good sunlight visibility
  • Excellent Nokia Rich Recording audio
  • Free offline voice-guided navigation in most countries


  • Symbian lacks in apps, browsing and user-friendliness
  • Low screen pixel density
  • Chunky and hefty design

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