Nokia 7710 review

The phone menus are clearly indicated on the desktop with text descriptions as well as icons.  The icons can be changed, moved or grouped to allow the user complete personalization.  In addition, the phone comes with two themes similar to that of skins for Windows Media Player.  There is a third party software to design your own skins.

Camera: megapixel resolution 1152x864 with 2x digital zoom is nice for outside pictures, but without a flash, indoor pictures are marginal at best.  In addition, adjustments can be made to contrast and brightness as well as previewing pictures before saving.  It takes about 10 seconds once the capture button is depressed for processing to be complete, which does not make it ideal for rapid picture taking.  Images: supports JPEG, GIF, WBMP, BMP, MBM, PNG, TIFF/F, and animated GIF formats.

Nokia 7710 outdoor picutres

Indoor Pictures


Video: QCIF in 17FPS format (fullscreen playback in 15FPS format); also playback and stream MPEG4, H.263, and Real Video 8.  The Nokia 7710 can also record a video up to 60 minutes with resolution 176 x 144 pixels in 3GP format.  The video player works will but is intended only for those spontaneous moments in life.  You will still need your mini DV recorder.  In addition, with the purchasing of mobile media player, an entire movie can be downloaded onto the storage disk

Real Player

Music: supports MP3, AAC, RealAudio 7 and 8, WAV, MIDI, and AMR file types.  Music can be played via headphones, Bluetooth headset or through the speaker.  Other features of the phone may be utilized while music is playing in the background.  Although it can not hold thousands of songs, the Nokia 7710 holds enough songs so that an additional MP3 player is not necessary.  The stereo speaker and quality screen makes this phone a portable media center.

Nokia 7710 music player

Visual Radio: Listen to music and interact with your favorite radio stations.  Find out what song is playing, who sings it, and other artist information.  Enter contests and answer surveys, vote for your favorite songs.  Download the songs you buy direct to your phone.  This would be a great feature if it worked on my system in the US and unfortunately the only way the radio will work is with a headset plugged into the phone.  However, once the headset is plugged in, the user can play the radio through the speaker.  This seems to be a flaw because the radio should work with the speaker only, or Bluetooth headset.

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