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Nokia 7500 Prism Review

Nokia 7500 Prism

Posted: , by Marian



Nokia 7500 Prism uses Series 40 5th Edition user interface.When the phone is at standby, in the upper part of the display, information appears about the signal strength, battery status, the clock and the mobile operator. In the lower part, the functions, related to the left and right selection keys, appear, which are „Go to” and “Music” by default and you can adjust them, as well as the functions of the menu key to your liking.
Nokia 7500 Prism Review
Nokia 7500 Prism Review
Nokia 7500 Prism Review
Nokia 7500 Prism Review
Nokia 7500 Prism Review

The icons in the main menu are animated and are located in a 3x3 grid, as you can displace as you wish to ensure your own convenience. You can also set them to appear as List, Grid, Grid with labels or with Tabs. Working with the phone and menus is very easy, the order is intuitive and logically connected and will hardly be difficult for you. The phone reacts comparatively fast but sometimes you can see the slow loading of some applications or submenus.

Except for changing the main menu view you can also personalize the whole view of the phone by choosing one of the 12 themes. You have at your disposal 7 profiles that you can adjust at your own discretion; the flight profile excludes the tones and the connection with the operator, so that you can use the other functions of the device.


Nokia 7500 Prism Review
Nokia 7500 Prism Review
The Phonebook is visualized as a list of names, but there are two other options: name and number and name and picture. When you introduce a new contact, you can enter two names and a number, but in order to add more information (ringtone, picture ID, etc.), press ‘add detail’ from the options menu. During an incoming call, the picture associated with the contact, appears and takes almost the whole screen, but when you dial, the picture is very small. Except for a picture, you can add to the contact a video clip, as its sound serves as a ring tone, while the video plays on the display.

An important drawback of the phonebook is the fact that you can look for the contacts only by the first name, you entered, which can cause major inconvenience when working with the phone.


Nokia 7500 Prism Review
Nokia 7500 Prism Review
Nokia 7500 Prism Review
The organizer includes the following: calendar, to-do list, notes, аlarm clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, calculator and dictionary. The alarm clock offers the following settings: alarm time, alarm tone and snooze time out, and except for a single alarm, you can set the phone on an alarm, which goes off on certain days of the week. The calendar can be viewed by months and weeks, as you can add new notes with options for meeting, call, Birthday, memo and reminder. You have at your disposal also a standard, loan and scientific calculator. The rest of the organizer’s options are the standard ones and are not going to be discussed.

You can use voice commands for some of the functions, as well as a voice setting for the contacts in the phonebook. For this purpose it is not necessary to record them with your own voice because the text can be recognized as speech and it is necessary only to press and hold the lower part of the volume key in order to make the voice settings/commands active.

Nokia 7500 Prism have 30 MB internal memory and additional microSD slot supporting up to 2GB cards.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Disco Des (unregistered)

I received this phone recently on a free Orange upgrade after reading the review for the 7900. Its a nice looking phone with a clear display and menus that any Nokia user will be familiar with. However the keys are hard to press as is the joystick hard to operate. The back cover is flimsy plasic and clips rather than slideson. I thinks you will need to be very careful not to break it. Although the phone looks nice to me it felt "cheap". There is no multicolour glowing keyboard as in the 7900, no "living wallpaper" and no aluminium back plate- its plasic. The omission of 3G is also a black mark agaist it. I sent it back an stuck with my 6233 I may get the 7900 when it comes out over here in the uk. Another thing the phone seemed to get warm to the touch during use.

posted on 18 Aug 2008, 03:20

2. lathasairam (unregistered)

dear friends, Pls dont get cheated by buying this particular model its not worth for 8k its a very worst model made by Nokia i can challenge its not a 2mp camera and not a pure stereo Fm its battery backup is veryworst the problem reatins even after service from Nokia itself pls note i hv given for service within the nextday of my purchase be shude ,dont buy this model its not a joke u can refer my video,photos

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