Nokia 7280 review


The screen displays in 65K TFT with resolution of 104 x 208 pixels, however in sunlight it is extremely difficult to read.  The screen is viewed by holding the phone horizontally and because of the size only a maximum of four lines can be displayed, which is less than ideal. 
Similar to other Nokia phones, colors can be changed for personalization.  In addition, this phone comes with various themes which integrate color, wallpaper, screensaver and ring tone


 Phone Menus:


  • The default screen has two quick buttons for “go to” (the most used functions) and “name” (for quick search and dialing).


  •  Settings menu is used to change display, sounds, wallpaper, screensaver, timed profiles, etc.


  • Contacts and Call Register:  The phone can store up to 100 names with up to 5 numbers per name, photos and 25 voice tags.  The phone defaults to the first entered phone number and can be edited later.  In addition, all the normal call register features exist on this phone.

  • Number Entry:  In order to dial one must go to the number entry menu and scroll to the number wanted.  This is the most frustrating function of the phone and will steer most people away.  For example, when calling voicemail the user must scroll to enter a password and if a mistake is made a series of options is used just to delete the unwanted character.   In addition, dialing a number takes about twice as long as a traditional keypad.  Thankfully, the voice dialing works well.

Text is entered in the same was as numbers and has a predictive feature to make typing easier.  I found that the predictive letters were of little help and typing a name or message was a tedious process.  The predictive feature offers the option of what it believes is the next letter, instead of providing the word it believes you are typing.  Unless you are sending quick messages of “hi” or “whats up”, the text feature is almost pointless. 



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  • Display 104 x 208 pixels
  • Camera 0.3 MP VGA
  • Storage 0.05 GB
  • Battery 700 mAh(3.00h talk time)

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