It is small, sleek and gets noticed.  The Nokia 7280 had shiny black casing with integrated white pattern, which scratches easily and shows smudges.  There is a screen that doubles as a mirror, two cloth inlays for comfort by the ear, a label similar to one on an article of cloths, four buttons that blend into the design.  The scroll wheel has a rubber inlay that is easy to grip.  The phone looks good, but has a cheap feel to it and makes noises when using the buttons and scroll wheel.
The phone fits comfortably in ones hand and it light to hold up to the ear.  It weighs 84g and its demensions are 115 x 32 x 19 mm. 
The phone that stands out in a crowd:

Nokia 7280 size comparison

Scroll Wheel and Buttons – The scroll wheel is easy to use and responds well, however, it is not always conveyant to use when placing a call or entering text.  It is similar to the wheel technology of the iPod, in that the middle button executes the function.  In no time I was maneuvering around without a problem.  The two blue buttons are used to select options, the red button is power/end call and the green button is to initiate call.

Below the scroll wheel is a compartment to put in the SIM card.  A sharp point, similar to a paperclip is needed to open the compartment.  To the left of the SIM compartment is the infrared port and loudspeaker.

At the top near the ear piece the white design illuminates when the phone rings, receives a message or at random times.  This feature can be deactivated if necessary.



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  • Display 104 x 208 pixels
  • Camera 0.3 MP VGA
  • Storage 0.05 GB
  • Battery 700 mAh(3.00h talk time)

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