Nokia 6682 review

The Nokia 6682 is equipped with many features, some of which the average user may never even use. The interface does require some first hand learning to navigate and discover exactly which application is in which folder. The standby screen provides icons for 5 commonly used applications, which can be customized. However, none of the available options is to enter directly to the main application list. This is accessed via the application list button on the bottom left of the keypad.  This same standby screen can be inactivated to create a cleaner, home screen. Directly below the application list, your most upcoming appointment or note in the calendar application will be listed and easily called upon with a single click.

Standby Screen Option A
Standby Screen Option B
Main Menu
Phonebook – The phonebook on the 6682 is capable of storing an expansive amount of information on each user and is very customizable. As with most other smartphones, copying contacts from your SIM onto the device and/or from your Outlook contacts can be done with a few clicks. The only setback is that all new contacts are stored on the device itself as opposed to your SIM. However, via synchronization a transferable backup of your contact list will always be available.

Contact list
Contact options
Messages – One of a smartphones top objectives is to provide great messaging services. With the 6682 keypad layout sending emails and text messages was not the best experience. Symbian 60 Series third party application support does allow users to equip their device with great email and text applications only limited by a slow to type keypad. Recent connectivity expansions, such as an external Bluetooth keyboard option can solve this problem, but if I am going to be using a keyboard it will be on my PC and not a cellular device.
When selecting a contact you are given the option to: Text message, Multimedia message or E-mail them. A very straightforward messaging experience. E-mail boxes can be setup on the device utilizing POP3/IMAP and automatic retrieval of new messages can be customized as per your needs. Attachment viewing is available with document application support. Specifically Office applications and Adobe PDF viewing can be performed quite easily.

Camera – A large 1.3 megapixel camera is one of the top draws to this product. A built in flash really enhances the picture quality in low lit settings and makes this a top competitor in the imaging capabilities sector. Two resolution settings are available: 640x480 or 1280x960 and can be stored on either the external or internal memory. On top of still photos a decent video recording and playback application services are available. With intergrated RealPlayer and multiple image/video editing applications, you can customize your pictures on the phone and print directly (no PC needed) via PictBridge or Bluetooth. Kodak Mobile services also allow you the option to order prints directly.

Imaging menu
Edit pictures and mail out greeting cards with ease.
Image Manager
Using PictBridge to print from phone
Calendar/Calculator/To-do – The calendar capabilities of the 6682 are simple and easy to use. By simple selecting a date from your calendar you can select to set either a: Meeting, Memo or Anniversary task. Meeting reminders are straight forward with only the required details including Subject, Location, Start, End, Date, Alarm, Repetition and Syncing options. Using the calendar is also a second method in which to set an alarm for users who want to keep usage as simple but still customizable as possible.
There is a separate alarm functions, available under the “Clock” icon in the menu. Using the alarm via this method does not leave much room for customization as it first asks you for a time and proceeds to set an alarm for the time requested asking for no more details such as repetition, weekdays or even specific dates.

Bluetooth – A very Bluetooth friendly device has been released in this 60 series. This device can easily be paired with virtually any headset or hands-free device. In addition, photo and data transfers can be completed easily and quickly. The option to use the device with a Bluetooth keyboard is even available.

Internet – A fast processor is further complemented with a rapid loading browser (XHTML/WML.) Operating on the class 10 EDGE network combined with Nokia/Cingular great reception ands signal strength provides a pleasurable web browsing experience. Attach the phone to your PC via the included USB attached cable, the 6682 can be used as a modem on the go. Surprisingly fast speed and an easy setup as a modem makes this a great device for a user who needs to pick up and go.

Multimedia – Upgrade to a 1GB MMC and you can throw out your mp3 player. The included mp3 transferring and playback options make this an all in one device with most attention spent on multimedia. The built in speaker is just as strong during calls and can be used to customize mp3 ringtones. However, listening to mp3s on the included speakers as opposed to a headset is not recommended. Other competitors included stereo speakers are a better match for a true multimedia device.
Micellaneous – Also packaged is an office utility to open and edit Office applications and PDF files. A voice recorder, calculator and wireless keyboard options are also under this category. A tools menu is available to customize the phone settings, themes and profiles.

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