Nokia 6682 review

Sitting the 6682 in your hand you will feel the added bulk of this device on other candybar style phones. With dimensions of 4.23 inches long x 2.19 inches wide x 0.86 inch thick at 4.62 ounces it still is a smaller scaled smartphone.
The well placed chrome outlays compliment the refined look of the 6682. With a quicker menu and smaller design, it provides a more travel friendly and appealing version of the 7710 and 6630 in a more geometrically rectangular package.
First noticed by those who have seen the predeceasing 6680 is that the first person camera option has been removed from the upper right hand corner of the device. This limits the ability for face-to-face communication during a call, a feature that may have been hatched a couple models before its calling. What looks like could be an internal facing camera, is a new light sensor technology. This small opening is very responsive in bright lighting and dims the adaptive display level by level. Unfortunately, it is not as adept at recovering from this change once lights dim again depending on the direction of the light source. Not a painstaking problem, but a setback nonetheless.
With a display capable of 262,000+ colors at 176x208 pixels, the 6682 offers a larger viewable screen.  This comes at the cost of a less than optimal keypad. The four way navigational pad fits well on all thumb sizes, unfortunately this is not the same for the dialing keys. With smaller and minor overlapping keys, the design of this device has been focused more on application scalability with larger navigational and selection keys than digits and letters.
The backlight of the keys provides a clean looking keypad in low lit areas, with standout green and red colors on each end distinguishing call dialing and ending respectively.
Turn the 6682 on either side and you will see the clean and rich looking chrome panels. The left side provides a single button, which when held in launches the VoiceSignal application. On the right in a similar location is the power off key which when held in completely turns off the phone. However, when touched with a single tap, the option to change the phones notification settings and lock the keypad are also available. Just below this button, is a slot for an MMC card for expandable device memory. Please note this is the newer MMC generation cards. The 6682 comes equipped with a 64mb card. A nice included component, but you will find yourself needing an upgrade shortly after you load on some mp3s, videos and pictures.
Place the phone face down and the back will reveal a slide panel to house the camera. When closed, the shell covers and protects the camera lens and flash. In a single downward motion with minimal effort, this cover can be opened and the camera is instantly ready for use.
On the bottom of the 6682 is the connection port for PC synchronization, charging and headset attachments. The included USB sync cable and stereo headphones use the same jack.

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