Phone profiles allow you to customize your phone's behavior in different environments - for example you can set it to a "Meeting" mode and it will not ring. The following profiles are available for Nokia 6610:

  • Normal
  • Silent
  • Meeting
  • Outdoor
  • Pager

In addition, every profile can be set when to expire ("timed profiles"). The customization for each profile consists of ability to change:

  • How to ring (Ring, Ascending, Ring Once, Beep Once, Silent)
  • Ringing tone 
  • Ringing volume
  • Vibration on/off
  • Message alert tone (which sound to play when you receive a message)
  • Keypad tones volume
  • Warning tones on/off
  • Alert for - allows you to select when the phone to alert you if a member of selected group is calling. Default is all, but can be changed to Family, VIP, Friend, Business etc.


Nokia 6610 settings menu

Settings menu allows the user to control the main features of the phone. The main options are:

  • Time and Date settings - change time, date; allows you to enable the Auto-update feature which changes the time automatically, but the service provider has to support it
  • Call settings - includes options for making and receiving calls
    • Call forwarding
    • Anykey answer on/off
    • Automatic redial on/off
    • 1-touch dialing on/off
    • Call waiting on/off
    • Summary after call (shows the duration of the call after it ends)
    • Caller-ID on/off
  • Phone settings
    • Language
    • Automatic keyguard (locks the phone keys automatically after a period of inactivity)
    • Cell info display (shows the current cell identity)
    • Welcome note (enter text which will be displayed when the phone starts)
    • System selection (set to automatic by default, but allows you to select different phone provider if you want and if you are authorized to do so)
    • Help text activation
  • Display settings
    • Wallpaper on/off (allows you to select which image to be shows on the screen)
    • Color schemes - (You can change the color of some display components in your phone, such
      as indicators and signal bars. Available schemes are: blue, violet, red, orange, gray, green, turquoise and pink available )
    • Screen saver timeout - sets how long the screen saver will be on before going into power-save mode (turns off the screen)
    • Display brightness
  • Tone settings - allows you to modify all the options that were listed under Profiles.
  • Accessory settings - sets how should the accessories behave (like headset, radio)
  • Security settings - allows you to secure the phone against unauthorized use
    • PIN code request (asked for PIN when the phone is switched on)
    • Call restriction (requests the system to restrict calls from or to the phone)
    • Fixed dialing on/off
    • Closed user group
    • Security level on/off (The security level determines your access to features when a “non owner” SIM card is used. A “non-owner” SIM card is one (other than the original)
      that is inserted after you power off the phone)
    • Access codes (allows you to change any of the phone codes)
  • Restore factory settings - restores the default factory settings without affecting the phonebook entries, language settings, counters or game scores.

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