Nokia 6610 is based on the Series 40 platform. All menu items are very well organized with help text that appears after 14 seconds of inactivity.
The speed of opening menus and performing actions seems to me somewhat sluggish compared to Nokia 6200 - a similar Series 40 phone.

1 - Phonebook:

The phonebook can hold around 300 entries with support for caller groups. Multiple-numbers per name can be added plus e-email address, web address, street address and a note. Unfortunately it lacks picture ID capability (showing you the picture of the caller). Overall the phonebook is very easy to search, navigate and operate. As I mentioned earlier, there is not voice-dialing also.


2 - Messaging:

After MENU is selected, Messaging is the first possible option. It allows the creating of text messages, multimedia messages (MMS), start a chat session or retrieve any voice messages. The phone supports long messages (up to 450 characters).



Predictive text input or the traditional "multi-tap" methods can be used to input the text.
To create a MMS, you have to follow a similar procedure - type the test, then add image or sound file. When done, you can send it to an email or to a phone number. The MMS feature supports the following picture formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, OTA-BMP and WBMP and MIDI for audio.

If you are a heavy "SMSer" you will like the CHAT feature. To use it, you have to choose the phone number of the person you will be chatting with, select screen name and the fun begins. Receiving and sending messages looks like doing ICQ/MSN chat. One difference between regular SMS and CHAT SMS is that the latter can not be saved. They are only viewed while chatting.

This is how the chat looks like


3 - Call Logs:

Call log stores information about the last 10 missed,
10 received, or 20 dialed calls. It also adds the total
duration of all calls. When the number of calls
exceed the maximum, the most recent call replaces
the oldest.

  • Missed calls (last 10)
  • Received calls (last 10)
  • Dialed numbers (last 10)
  • Call timers (duration of last call;# of received calls, # of dialed calls; duration of all calls)
  • GPRS data counter (shows the amount of sent and received GPRS data)
  • GPRS connection times

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