Nokia 6610 Display

Nokia 6610 features 128 x 128 pixels display with 4096 colors. The image quality is OK and the screen is viewed fine in most weather conditions. The screen is very bright for passive matrix, but can not be compared to the active matrix ones. The colors are saturated. I experienced some flickering when playing games and same ghost effects (the screen is not re-drawn fast enough so you see a trail after the moving object on the screen). Overall, for that class of phone, I am pleased with its screen.

The phone keys are well positioned and large enough for comfortable dialing (even though the space between them is slim). A notable feature  - the keys from in the three columns have different shape so you can actually dial a number without looking at the keypad. Mastering this takes some training but since the phone lack voice-dialing, knowing the keys may come handy while driving.

The 6610 has four navigational keys, two select keys and dial and hang-up key. All the keys are very easily pressed with good clicking response.

Nokia 6610 keypad



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