Nokia 6610 compared to SE T68, Nokia 3650 and Sony Ericsson T610


Nokia 6610 compared to SE T68, Nokia 3650 and Sony Ericsson T610


Measuring 4.2" x 1.8" x 0.7" (106mm x 45mm x 18mm) and weighting only 83oz the phone is what most people will find comfortable. It is very well built – with no loose or creaking parts. Keep in mind that I have seen some reports of tendencies to creak, so check your handset before purchasing it.

The infrared port and the power-on/off switch are located on the top of the phone. The power switch is very tiny and kind of hard to press if you are nailess.

Pop-port and the charging port are located at the bottom of the phone. Pop-port is Nokia's proprietory standard that is used to connect headsets, cameras etc. The only gripe I have is about the volume control which is located on the left hand-side. I had several people asking me how to manipulate the volume. The reason for the confusion is the rocker switch. It is hard to find, hard to press and there is similar non-operational switch on the right hand side also.

When the back cover is detached it reveals the BLD-3 Lithium-Ion batter and behind it is the sim card holder.


Back cover removed


The phone feels very comfortable in my hands, and as you can see it is not very longer then a credit-card.

Nokia 6610 next to credit card (ATT Sim card)
Nokia 6610 in hand




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