The overall impression is that working with the slider is easy and trouble-free; it is also sufficiently fast not to induce irritating slow-downs or messages of the “please wait” sort. During the whole period of our testing and overloading with tasks, not once did it crash or restart. The phone even easily handled performing more than one task simultaneously: we had no problem to make a call and at the same time – download a file via the Bluetooth and charge the battery.

As for using the 6500 as a phone, it rings loud and vibration is easy to feel even in the jeans’ or pants’ pocket. In case you have set receiving/rejecting a call by sliding the upper part, a slowdown of about a second can be noticed from sliding until actual answering. It might be a bit irritating and difficult to get used to, so do not make haste to start talking immediately after sliding.

The 6500 left a good overall impression with us as regards sound quality during conversation: volume was a bit above average with just a little background noise, though lacking the high frequency of voices. At the other end of the line the situation is even better: despite the slightly muffled speech without high frequency, sound volume is unusually high. Signal reception is close to the medium level; in this respect we would rate the 6500 performance as similar to that of Nokia 5700 and Sony Ericsson K530, evaluating it at 4.5 out of 10.

According to official Nokia specifications the 900 mAh (BP-5M) battery will endure up to 6 hours of talk time or up to 320 hours in stand-by mode. We subjected it to a long-talk test until it was totally depleted; the unit kept on working for 4.2 hours (252 min), which measures up to 60% of the official specifications data. Definitely, it is not the greatest asset of the phone, but still it is not a timing to cause real inconvenience.


In Nokia 6500 we notice a combination, on the one hand, of the 8600 Luna sensation with a very good camera, on the other, but at a lower price. Special attention has been paid to every detail; the objective of this perfection in manufacturing being satisfaction of every customer requirement. Though the steel panels make a heavy phone, this weight and the cool sensation underlie the feel of luxury and style, and without the need to be deprived of the basic functions of a really cutting-edge device at that.

If design may be considered the main factor for your choice of a phone, the 8600 will prove to be more attractive; and if it is the all-in-one you want, you are likely to have already become a proud owner of N95. But if it is your desire to possess a little from both, do not miss the opportunity to consider 6500 prior to making your final choice.


  • Very good display with a light sensor
  • Reliable and tight slide mechanism
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics
  • Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and dual band UMTS 850/2100 MHz


  • Volume key is hard to find and difficult to press

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6 Reviews



1. MiGs unregistered

1. Does the video player of the 6500 slide support forward and rewind of videos? 2. can you change the back light time? 3. can you adjust the brightness of the back light? 4. Did you check the TV-OUT feature? how was it? Thanks. MiGs

2. URNAM3 unregistered

This phone is ok, the only BAD THINGS are that the phone does not lock automatically when you close the phone and also your ringtones/themes will reset now and then as there is a fault with the memery card cradle which causes the memory card to move.. one way to test this is to keep the phone on and remove the back cover not try and access your memory card...Not there?? is it!

3. unregistered

There is no fault. Did you actually READ the review? The phone is designed to cut off access to the memory card when the back is open (to prevent data loss.) Not that there is any reason to take the back off with the phone on other than to change the memory card.

4. unregistered

No InComing Speech

5. unregistered

Its a decent phone. 1st commenter, 1) No, you can't fast forward or rewind, 2)Yes, 3)No, 4)Novelty, somewhat useful, but disappointing. The sound lacked ANY low end whatsoever. It could be just my phone, or my cable, but my experience is dampened by poor sound output. No good for music video's, music in general, and video's may lack some ommph they may otherwise have. 2nd commenter. I know of the problem you talk about. If you look around the camera hole from the inside of the back cover, you will see some metal that pokes out. Notice how it contacts some metal on the phone itself, look where it would touch if the cover was on. You can move the metal part a bit using your fingernail so its more likely to contact the phone. I promise you will have to set ringtones less often.

6. unregistered

/|\ It also has a good quality camera, TV Out displays your pics in the perfect way to show off the quality of the pics and videos you can | take. I find the performance a little on the slow side, but very usable. Its the phone of envy of my friends, they all say hiptop till they see this! Very solid construction, but a clear/silicon/leather case is recommended as little scuffs do build up and become much more noticeable. Whip it out of its case when going somewhere to show off, you'll thank yourself for protecting it.

7. unregistered

i own 1 of these. 1. it does fast forward and rewind videos. just press and hold the directional button. 2. u can change the backlight time. 3. it does auto lock the phone. 4. u wan set the time it takes for the phone to sleep. 5. no, there is not problem with the memory cradle. the first batch had some issue but not after that. 5. mp3 ringtones? this baby has incoming call video! not that i think that's a practical thing to do but it is a cool thing to have. I am fully satisfied with the phone. before buying it, i was afraid it wouldn't meet my expectations as i was using a PDA phone before it. Now i'm a very happy owner... it's stylish, it's slick, it's stainless steel!!! sounds great for having 1 spealer. the size is just nice. The only problem is i can't use the secondary camera in front to take pictures. it's only for video calls.

8. мартин unregistered

я пишате на български бе англечани от село

9. Ponting

Posts: 19; Member since: Jan 25, 2011

The Nokia 6500 Slide, a 3G slider phone which comes in a silver & black coloured casing. The phone comes with easy to use imaging features which bring a fun & useful element to this smooth opening handset. The phone has a 2.2 Inch high colour screen which provides the user with a 33.5mm x 44.7mm active display which can display up to 16 million colours.
6500 slide
  • Display 2.2" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.02 GB
  • Battery 900 mAh(6.00h talk time)

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