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Nokia 6300 Review

Nokia 6300

Posted: , by Nanko R.


Nokia 6300 Review
Camera Interface - Nokia 6300 Review
Camera Interface - Nokia 6300 Review
Camera Interface - Nokia 6300 Review

Camera Interface

The phone’s camera is a 2 megapixel one without a flash or automatic focus. It takes the very satisfactory 3 seconds to start, but taking pictures is itself quite slow: 8 seconds to record one at maximum resolution and after that you need almost as much (15 seconds in all) to be able to start over photographing. The interface is fairly simple, displaying only the resolution and the number of pictures left to take. In the Options menu one can pick color effects, white balance and night mode; there are 6 available levels of resolution and 3 for picture compression. Small videos, suitable for MMC only, can be recorded.

The photo quality is well below average compared to that of other phones’ 2 megapixel cameras. The camera is only usable at bright daylight in the open, but still the pictures do not have enough color saturation, contrast is low, and details – unclear. The lack of auto-focus is quite obvious.

Outdoor images - Nokia 6300 Review
Outdoor images - Nokia 6300 Review
Outdoor images - Nokia 6300 Review
Outdoor images - Nokia 6300 Review

Outdoor images

Indoors, even at bright illumination, the photographs are extremely ‘noisy’, thus wiping out the little existing detail. The color-reproduction here is even weaker and more unreal. At a very low light taking pictures is outright impossible because of the lack of flash.

Bright light - Nokia 6300 Review
Medium light - Nokia 6300 Review
No light - Nokia 6300 Review

Bright light

Medium light

No light

Music Player, Equalizer, FM Radio - Nokia 6300 Review
Music Player, Equalizer, FM Radio - Nokia 6300 Review
Music Player, Equalizer, FM Radio - Nokia 6300 Review
Music Player, Equalizer, FM Radio - Nokia 6300 Review

Music Player, Equalizer, FM Radio


You can listen to MP3 and AAC format music by means of the built-in player. It can be filtered there by artist, album or style, as well as chosen from track-lists of the most popular and the newest songs on your phone. Seven equalizers are available for sound quality control. You can leave the player on the background level and do other things on the phone. If the active standby screen is on, you will see the song that is playing on it.

The loudspeaker sound is quite strong so that ring-tones are audible even in a noisy environment. In order to listen to music one can resort to headphones – the ones from the set will do. If you have higher requirements they can be replaced by better ones, which, however, will normally need a 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm adapter. At least these are readily available.

You have an FM radio at hand as well. Up to 20 radio stations with names can be memorized.It also supports multitasking and displays the station you are listening to at the active home screen.

The phone supports JAVA MIDP 2.0 but the manufacturer has installed only one application (on our version) – a Nokia animation and tones catalogue. There are no pre-loaded games, but these can be added subsequently.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. (unregistered)

So when is this going to arrive in the U.S.? It's not even on the Nokia site (U.S. version).

posted on 23 Jan 2010, 08:50

12. jerryx2000 (Posts: 1; Member since: 23 Jan 2010)

HTC is not Nokia!

posted on 07 Mar 2007, 13:38

2. Joar (unregistered)

Apparently the 6300 will come with Opera Mini preinstalled at least in some regions. For those that wont get in bundled it is free to download and use, so no worries.

posted on 04 Oct 2008, 22:21

11. noblefuwad (unregistered)

please i will like to get the opera mini but i dont no were to get it,nd you said some one can get it free,from nigeria

posted on 07 Mar 2007, 14:28

3. (unregistered)

May not come to US at all. Nokia rep says IF not WHEN if you call Nokia USA. Definitely not Q1

posted on 24 Apr 2007, 05:08

4. Adnan (unregistered)

One of the sleekest sets Nokia has produced till to date. Classy and stylish with brilliant 16.7 million colours screen. Decent screen size. Excellent functionality for people who are looking for a simple phone with not so extravagant E and N-Series like features. Beware of finger smudges and scratches on both the plastic and metal covers. I suggest keeping it in a protective casing. Original leather case is bundled but not for all regions and preloaded softwares also differ by region. It has an N-Series type thin charging pin connector so old Nokia chargers wont work unless you have a converter. Solidly built …. No creaks. Boasts a radio with a nice music player although the quality of the bundled stereo ear buds is average. Mini SD slot available up to 2 GB. Phone’s internal user available memory is a meagre 7.8 MB which is considered quite lame these days (now we know how companies save money) although it does come packed with a 128 MB card. Nevertheless, you will end up buying a bigger card sooner than you think. Poor camera results especially in low light as compared to other 2MP cameras in the same price rang. No flash and lens protection cover. Video recording also pitiable. Camera is by far the weakest feature on the phone as far as I am concerned. Loud but mono speaker at the back. Below average battery life as compared to other 6 series models (mega talkers beware!). Volume buttons on the side hard to press especially when held closer to the ear during a conversation. No 3G. Earphone above the screen could have been louder; a definite problem in a crowded place (I tried pressing the phone as close to my ear as possible in a restaurant to hear the person on the other side of the line but it was hard). Average navigation key functionality especially the upper key is hard to press as it is quite close to the screen and you invariably end up either smudging the screen with your thumb or to save the screen, accidentally pressing the center button (I recommend using the nail of your thumb to press the upper navi key correctly). Not recommended for people with above average size fingers. The blue lights on sides of the phone only blink twice for an incoming message alert but not indefinitely. Weird! This seems useless since one already gets to find out about the incoming message through the sound and/or vibration alert. The cool blue lights should do more like continue to blink and remind me about my unread messages till I read them. In my opinion this can be fixed with a software upgrade by Nokia. There seems to be some software issues on some sets. For example I cannot delete a Gmail account I made earlier on my 6300. The option to delete does not exist on my set whereas it does on some other sets. I can edit the account or make another one but can’t delete it. The painted red power sign on the plastic power button on top will not last long; mine lasted a week with only decent moderate use.... it just vanished with the touch. So painting quality on the plastic is an issue (it may be an individual problem). Nevertheless, I wasn’t expecting it from a device like this especially after paying more the $330 for it. Shame! All in all, the 6300 can be called ''A fit phone down with a mild case of flu''. For looks I give it 8.5 out of 10. Camera gets a poor 5.5. Battery gets a mediocre 6. Functionality gets a decent 7.8. Screen colour gets a whooping 9. Overall a well above average 7.5 to an 8 for its class. Despite some of its shortcomings, you are quite likely to end up calling it “My Precious!” Recommended!

posted on 24 Apr 2007, 06:04

5. Ellen (unregistered)

So far happy with the phone, but still would prefer Sony Ericsson. Nokia 6300 is a good allrounder, but has a rubbish battery life. Need to charge approx ever third day and that is with hardly any use (About 15 min talk time per day, no radio etc used) Have complained and got a new battery, but same problem.

posted on 24 Jul 2007, 03:17

6. Melvin Rice (unregistered)

i felt good with it and i bought few utilities from explorepda.com which helps great working with this device

posted on 08 Jan 2008, 01:24

7. (unregistered)

the nokia 6300 is available from the us nokia website.

posted on 28 Apr 2008, 08:29

8. sooraj (unregistered)

i bought this phone in the last month. o like this phone very much. but it is a very chance of scarch in its body,some times it hangs and the sound is very low

posted on 09 Jun 2008, 20:14

9. (unregistered)

this is available in canada for long time with a new wi-fi version from Fido, which is owned by Rogers Wireless (it used to be a division of T- Mobile International).

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 13:27

10. (unregistered)

Thank You For Educating Me On This Phone,Because I'm Going To Buy this Phone.

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